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  1. Hi i have question can you add to gta hill valley when player enter to hover,skate board he sit no stand on this !!!!!!!
  2. Can somebody tell me how find hoverboard in 2015 year ?
  3. Hi i have idea : IF you Go to 1885 year Change Models Building from Normal to 1885 ! this is stupid when you go to 1885 year and you see normal City !
  4. In 2015 Hill valley be water On grass !
  5. Can Main Adminstrator Team say when Hill valley 0.2f out ?
  6. hill valley city be in 0.3a hill valley mod ?
  7. I have question. What is other in alternative 1985 ?
  8. hey do you have install radio stations ? I try install gta hill valley without radio stations and not work.Do you have install radio stations ?
  9. I have question when 0.2f gta hill valley mod out ?
  10. I know Music from back to the future have copyright.And gta vice city have copyright to no edit this game only play!
  11. good idea microman to add Samuel Colt
  12. In back to the future mod can bolt shot in flying delorean ?