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  1. I meant that it at least we know it will be out in 2012 sometime and not 2013 or after
  2. Yes!!!! Finally an update!!! Its been so long, and it says coming out sometime next year, so at least we know we wont be waiting another full year.
  3. In the movie there was grass hills around him with a bench on his left there was no bridge
  4. If they were smart they would come on this site and ask what we want in game, we are the biggest bttf fans in the world.
  5. I didn't ask him to do anything he asked for suggestions and I gave him some I didn't say, Hey do this NOW!! I said you could do this if you want, its just a suggestion.
  6. You should make the vents in the back glow, maybe have the wheels fold and lights on the bottom.
  7. Why is it that at the end on the rentry explosion it is slightly green? Wait I just remembered a post by someone that said, " i was just thinking, you know how like at the start of the third movie, just before it cuts to the first scene, there is something like this Saturday November 12 1955 10:03 PM and then it fades out. now if you could have a similar type thing when the screen fades out to black after you time travel, that would be great. maybe something like this, EG: time circuts= MAY 03 1994 3:08 PM then after you time travel it fades to black and comes up with that little sparkle music thing. May 3rd 1994 3:08 PM fades back in to screen and see three explotions.......bla bla bla you could change the existing cutscene time travel or create a whole new type of time travel For EG.... Instant Time Travel. Cutscene Time Travel. Movie Time Travel. what do you think?"
  8. You could make some of the deloreans have the delay like in BTTF 1 and 3 with tutorials on how to put them in, or mission addons. Ask and you shall recive.
  9. Ok to get this over with lets compare it to the mod the mod is great, so is the movie, but your saying quality doesnt matter so would you want to have the downtown be just squares and the car have no model just the normal car from in game, and no time travel or missions. of course not so case closed, quality does matter. And I have more examples too, about quality.
  10. Its not funny but I don't get why its there, SPOILER:
  11. I am guessing no more updates so far
  12. That reminds me of something only bttf 1 delorean had the vents go off and the other cars didnt have the cold effect I think. Your right they kind of do that Idk why.
  13. Yes but there were addons for 0.2e but that was because it was buggy.
  14. I hear someone may be making fan made addons like missions for 0.2f, or maybe the mod team will make an addon, We can always hope.
  15. I see how you want the mod team to do this for you but you have to wait for a later version i'm not sure what version will have the 1885 map, (I think 4.0) but here is a way around this use mikes map cleaner in the download area on this site and put sand everywhere, I guess what I am trying to say is, Do it your damn self. I learned the hard way that the mod team does not want to do things only you want, thats why not alot or none for that matter like me at all on this site, dont be me.
  16. Ok, I remember someone saying that they were sub models or something like how the bttf 1 delorean has the hook, is how... wait thats for the skateboards i think sorry.
  17. To bad we can't time travel to another time, The Reason Why: I think there would be a problem with this becaues the hoverboard and the skateboards are all the same model, (I think) so that would mean if you took it back to 1955 there would be hover boards insted of the 1955 skateboard. Correct me if i'm wrong. And nice idea.
  18. Just strap a flux compasitor to it and make it out of a stainless steel construction. Maybe I could make a model like that and put it in the game.