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  1. Any idea when we will see a VICESCM.ini file so we can recompile? I'd really like to map more of the DeLorean controls to my gamepad.
  2. Do you have the Vice City CD in your drive? The coding of the exe looks in the CD first, even if you've installed them on your hard drive and are running a no-cd exe. We had to work around this when we coded GTA:LC as legal copies of the game could not hear the GTA3 radio stations. The exe provided by this mod is a no-cd exe (I believe) so you should just have to remove the disc from your computer. However, if that's not your issue, then I don't know what the problem is.
  3. I did not see the original in the theater, but it was soon after when it was released on VHS. So it was probably 1986 when I first became a fan. And the next 4 years was very long as I was waiting for the sequel. I loved part 2 then but didn't like part 3. In my older years, part 3 has found a soft spot with me and I love all three movies. In fact, I used to have a VHS with all three movies spliced together into one giant movie with the opening credits cut out of parts 2 and 3. With the exception of some poor editing (this was VCR to VCR dubbing) it was one seamless movie. I could probably do that much easier and more professional these days with the avi files I've ripped from my DVD collection. This mod is very cool to me as it's almost a sequel to a mod I did. I was the first person to write a code that allowed the player to switch between a driving and a flying DeLorean. The guys here took that idea and brought it further than I ever thought was possible with the Vice City engine. Major props to the Back to the Future Hill Valley team, and bluespace88 in particular. Excellent work.
  4. I'll grant that permission
  5. Not to plug my own mod, but it would be quite easy to port this over to the GTA:LC project. If you don't know what that is, it's GTA: Vice City with all of GTA3's maps, cars, missions, etc. It's not complete (and may never be) but it's damn close.