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  1. Kiss up? LOL. Daniel's post is proof that newbies CAN read the rules. And please NO double posting.
  2. Just downloaded the video. I'm in awe. I'm serious awe. This sh*t is AMAZING. Hmm. I should've known the bullsh*t BTTF rock sounded better in high pitch.
  3. I am looking forward to hearing this remix/arrangement. I've been searching for a good one myself, to no avail so far.
  4. " width="600px" height="361px">" />" width="600px" height="361px" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" /> SPOILER: " width="600px" height="361px">" />" width="600px" height="361px" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" /> " width="600px" height="361px">" />" width="600px" height="361px" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" /> When this baby hits 88 miles per´╗┐ hour you're gonna see some serious..."stuff"? LOL
  5. Here's proof that this is possible via CLEO: http://hotmist.ddo.jp/cleomod/level6/index.html
  6. It's more than just the work needed to be done. The modders have a LIFE. Mods are done at the modder's free time. The mod's not their job or career. They have more important things to take care of.
  7. Cool. Finally an interesting topic lol. It was mentioned before that when Old Biff went back in time and changed his past, Marty and Doc unknowingly "shifted" to new timeline, 2015A. You'd wonder how Jennifer and Einstein, who was left in 1985A, was found in the original 1985 in BTTF3. It might have been true that when Doc and Marty was carrying the KO'ed Jennifer away, the supposedly McFly house has now been changed by the ripple effect, and Doc and Marty never knew that someone else was then living in that particular house. An existence-erasing paradox are now after the 4 time travelers, but apparently by fixing the past, the paradox never got to catch them Here's a theory I thought of: In the BTTF universe, the time traveler's "power" to influence or alter history with his time machine makes it hard or takes a lot of time for the paradox or ripple effect he caused to affect him, erase his existence or whatever. After all, the time traveler has the WILL or the ability the fix whatever he/she damaged in the timeline. Apart from Marty, who took a week to be erased, you can take the future Doc as another example -- Doc in 1885 wasn't able to remember giving Marty such outlandish outfit because as a time traveler it took time for the ripple effect to catch up with him and "write" those new memories into his mind. However, if this "power" is lost or weakened, the paradox would take effect on him much faster -- for instance, Old Biff of original 2015 wasn't erased until he left the time machine (his "power"), where it was certain that he won't be able to use it again. Yes, they have temporal duplicates, but I think those duplicates would be an entirely different Marty/Doc/Jennifer/Einstein/DeLorean. The new timeline wouldn't result to the originals, otherwise Marty and Doc wouldn't have noticed that the world they left has changed when they returned back home. Nope. The original Doc and Marty and their alternate counterparts co-existed in the same timeline. As I've theorized above, a paradox was after the four, so the originals should be the one erased, but apparently Doc and Marty fixed the past and won the race. hscipte, your idea sounds good actually. However, there is one drawback to this idea -- it was still malfunctioning after Doc and Marty fixed history. Doc wouldn't have possibly set the DT to 1885 shortly before the DeLorean got strucked. I wonder why the TC would set it to such a date.
  8. I only do dual boot if it is really necessary and if I can give each OS a special purpose, i.e. having Mac OS X as OS for everyday stuff and Windows as a gaming OS. I'm currently using Windows as my mainstream OS (everyday stuff and gaming) and Linux Mint as my portable OS (I kind of hate using somebody else's OS).
  9. I miss Lego. I LOVE to construct things from cars to houses. I recall making a Hot Wheels' like track with it. My mom had to get rid of our old Legos for profit since we're "too grown up to play Lego anymore". Lego will NEVER get old.
  10. And I was thinking of switching to Ubuntu. Looks like I'll have to stick to 7 for now. @RG: Rave obviously didn't.
  11. Dinosaur attacks would be HUGE animation and coding work, and by the looks of it Trance doesn't have the stomach for it.
  12. I think Mike knows that mod by now. But then again, he might have forgotten it existed lol. Tell me Mike if this mod is enough for you, or you want me to make the door mod you requested. I'm back at CLEO mod work. Here's another (minor) BTTF Tweak I planned to be working on that I forgot to mention earlier: GTA-style digital speed-o-meter. And I mean something like in the (earlier versions of the) Knight Rider mod, or in this video -- " width="600px" height="361px">" />" width="600px" height="361px" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" /> This mod will be for the sake of those who like mods with traditional GTA-style HUDs, like myself lol. I'm also thinking of traditional-izing the Time Circuits HUD.
  13. Neat conversion. This makes me wanna continue my CLEO mods lol. Yup, they most likely won't allow you to release them, since these models may be copyrighted. But I think it wouldn't hurt to ask the mod-hosting site first before assuming they won't.
  14. Oh I see. I'll see what I can do.
  15. What for? I just got busy with stuff (school, psychologist appointments, piano lessons, etc.). Looks like the Engine Mod and the new "Tweaks" won't be uploaded very soon.
  16. This is probably the one you're looking for: http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-san.../cleo-mods/1717
  17. I'm thinking of using the molotov c**ktail flame for the fire trails. I tried making the current fire trail smaller, but I just mess the thing up. Next "Tweaks" to work on: Crysis BTTF mod-style instant time travel, and quick re-entry (ala first time travel experiment; this one's gonna involve some SFXs) @RG: I'm working on your requested mod, btw. Do note though that once I release it, be sure to get rid of the BTTF mod's engine.cs script because that works pretty much the same. (press "I" to turn on or off the engine).
  18. Ok. It's simple to do anyway.
  19. Wrong section. Moved to Back to the Future Discussion forum.
  20. As a fan myself, I'll also buy the game regardless of the developer. But don't expect me finishing it if it's terrible. @Grim: Me thinks the Bobs will keep an eye on the game, making sure they get everything right.
  21. Since I don't have a blog site (yet), I'm also gonna use my Facebook for posting my CLEO mod updates.
  22. I'm using the Crysis DeLorean.
  23. LOL But please take note though: Being a moderator doesn't mean you're an exception to the double-posting rule.