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  1. Like I said above, I was thinking of having it as a part of the map, for the sake of not wasting K's work and a sort of trademark for the mod. Speaking of SA, I'm still hoping for a better or more movie-accurate umbrella-shaped-like "wormhole". Having worked on the wormhole for a LONG time now, there is no way of having that same time travel feeling as in the movies unless you restrict the camera to rear view only. I'm thinking instead of having just one particle for the wormhole, have it as a group of particles to achieve an accurate wormhole.
  2. Hmm, forgot about the BTTF SA mod. But how about VC? Any plans of getting it back in some way? 'Ya know, despite the same functions, the time machines ain't the same as the VC version when in SA.
  3. I think everyone should know by now that the DMC-13 is gonna be removed from the mod as an extra. I wanna ask what will happen to the DMC-13 model K1092000 made? Are you guys gonna completely get rid of it (kind of put K's effort on making it to waste) or are you gonna use the model later on perhaps as a map model in the future, perhaps lying around in an inaccessible area inside Doc's home or the IFT?
  4. But that didn't make it any better did it? Still the same DeLorean engine problems? I'm thinking of making my own engine sounds for the DeLorean using a bit different jet sound.
  5. Yup it's an old idea. Like Del said, it is for him to learn mission coding. Apparently due to issues like the crappy AI (any person would figure out how screwed up the Libyans' driving is and use it against them) and the instability of Evilraptor's Hill Valley (too bad this has to be taken out, it was an awesome job), it wasn't included nor probably even finished.
  6. You guys obviously have never been in the PSP homebrew community. For wireless connection, there's a homebrew called "WiFiController". It's a little tricky to use, but it's sick. The homebrew I'm currently using is FuSa Gamepad, which requires a USB connection but is more stable and simpler to use than WiFiController (simply run it like an installed game in your memory stick then connect it to your PC; if you have USB charging turned on you can charge your PSP's battery and use it as a gamepad at the same time). I found the PSP as a gamepad is handy for games like Burnout Paradise. There's even a homebrew called TightVNC that allows you to control your computer through your PSP using WiFi connection. With custom PSP firmware, almost everything for the PSP is possible.
  7. So the DeLorean had a jet sound for the engine? LOL cool. I wonder how many modifications Doc made in the engine to sound like a jet.
  8. Sounds like a driver problem (communication bet. the device and the OS). I've heard some similar cases of mouse problems with 64-bit Windows. It looks like using a 32-bit system may have solved the issue. If it is an old mouse or a super-mouse, installing an up-to-date driver or replacing the mouse is another way of solving the problem.
  9. DK's post didn't affect me at all. I met a LOT of people like Doc -- though successfull in life, they've been actually living torturous years of no relationship or some decent social life.
  10. Damn. They must have put a lot of effort in that vehicle. My country's so unfamiliar with Back to the Future that I'd get any toy replica of the DeLorean that I can find, regardless of how inaccurate it is, just to have one lol. (and so far, no find)
  11. We can't use particles because we'll now be going over the limit, and we can't use a model because that would look very unrealistic (unless you put lighting effects on it). I think the only decent thing we can use for the lightning is the screen flashing. I say that's good enough. Unless, now with VC CLEO around, we can do something better.
  12. I already said I will not answer these questions. I'm not a mod team member.
  13. I said I can, not I will.
  14. I can't think of a question for the team. Knowing the team enough as if I'm a member myself, I can in fact answer some of the questions here.
  15. Thanks to CLEO and other stuff Blue learned, San Andreas may in fact be better for the mod than VC.
  16. The site crashed when I was taking the survey. Gonna have to retake it again.
  17. Unless we all use consoles in playing video games, the industry should know that us PC gamers want games that is more gameplay and less eye candy. That or, if you have a bit of a passion in modding, you can do what I do -- modifying the BTTF mod for my own liking and for learning purposes. Knowing more than half of the core time travel codes of the SA mod, I feel like I created the code myself, which makes me infinite percent patient for the oncoming future source codes.
  18. I hate it when the gaming industry is now into developing better graphics. Not saying they shouldn't, but seriously it is as though they think graphics is the number one priority of video game development. Even my multimedia arts professors say so, and I'm bit disgusted by this view.
  19. Like I said, you don't know how the GTA modding community works. You can only call a game outdated not by when it was released but by how many people are playing it. GTA San Andreas I say isn't outdated because of the thousands or millions of players playing it, many of which chose GTA:SA over GTA4 due to its wide compatibility (not all gamers can afford a gaming PC 'ya know, like myself) and probably the fact that it's more mod-friendly. In the modding community, saying GTA:SA is outdated would be a joke due to the efforts of people like Seamann making it mod-friendly and the number of SA mods out there. An oldest game I know so far that hasn't gone outdated yet is HALF-LIFE. The modding community is keeping this game alive. BTTF in GTA4? Fat chance. Unless someone as awesome as Seamann makes the game more mod-friendly, and R* suddenly considers making the game less of a resource hog allowing more players to play it, there'll be never be a full-time total-conversion BTTF mod. If there will be, the stability would be like in between VC and SA -- not as unstable as VC, but not as stable as SA.
  20. Chipmunk-izing ftw Be sure to not use the entire song in that opening video.
  21. I bet you don't know how the GTA modding community works. Just ought you know, this mod is not just for VC anymore.
  22. Looks like the great God That Will Come has lost his Scrolls of Mod Compatibility lol. It will, but not to the point that it will render MP unplayable. It will just allow you to use time machines and probably cause some CLEO mod-related problems like the DeLorean being seen by others as the Bullet. Mind you that using CLEO mods in SA:MP can be seen as cheating, so I wouldn't recommend you using them unless the admin of the server permits it or you are required to.
  23. I recall reading something before that rocks have a certain material that the Mr. Fusion can use as power.