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  1. Did you do what I've requested? (Turn the cylinder on the back to a wheel)
  2. You can send me the mod now if you want. I won't work on it immediately, however.
  3. It's been a long time I haven't touched this thread. Just so you guys know, I'm still updating the mods. It's just that I haven't bothered to upload any one of them at this time. So far... SPOILER: - Quick Reflexes now has a duration feature. No more eternal slo mo. - Finished traditional-izing the Time Circuits HUD and the speedometer. I might redo this again 'cuz of the new source. - Sleep Mod now features an "Energy meter". It's currently driven by food and sleeping. I'd later on make a "Nourishment meter" out of this for a mod project I'm planning to do (which I can't announce/post yet, unless we are friends at Facebook). - Disguise Mod now lets you form a group/gang based on your disguise, i.e. if you're a "cop" you can make cops follow you and back you up. I might re-make this thread again if ever I get the time to debug and post the updates. @Mike's above post: I realized that the only way to make the doors realistically open is to use a C++ hook or an ASI. I've tried CLEO and the opening/closing ain't smooth.
  4. I've been using the Color mod for a long time myself. Very good substitute for the ENB series when I was still using my old HP lappie (I'm currently using a new Lenovo IdeaPad Y460). The only problem I encountered with it is lagging when I spawn the Crysis DeLorean. It doesn't lag without the Color mod.
  5. Same here TWG. SPOILER: I know what it feels like to have a dad like Doc's. An inventor patent would mean an escape from all of that stress. I think what made Young Doc trust Marty is that Marty trusted him the entire time, without a single doubt, which would make up for the otherwise great disappointment of his dad.
  6. Just saw the trailer, and Marty's voice over was enough to convince me to buy the game.
  7. If ever there'll be an external hard drive based on the Part 1 version De Lorean, I'll definitely going to buy that.
  8. This would work best as a back-up storage for Mac OS's Time Machine lol. I both want a die-cast De Lorean and need a 500GB external HDD (I feel 320GB's not enough). This would absolutely do for both. If I can ask my dad to buy this, it'd be awesome. @Dave: This is a Seagate HDD, so no doubt it's expensive.
  9. It may look like it's not touching the ground, but technically it actually does. The hoverboard has invisible wheels -- note the skid marks when you turn at "high" speed. lol
  10. It is possible to have the skateboard kept as a weapon. It's been done before in SA. In this case, the skateboard replaces both the bike and any of the melee weapons like the baseball bat.
  11. I dunno. I hope I get enough free time this December for my mods. I miss modding.
  12. Looks like it's time to get back to work. Wanna ask, can the cylinder thing on the back rotate? Or can 'ya turn that cylinder into a (vehicle) wheel for me to use for the time travel sequence?
  13. Of course, playing multiple characters would be a good idea for the game. But I think you'll be able to play at least two characters (Marty and Doc) in the main story, and then have the unlockable bonus at free-roam mode.
  14. True. With Wine and stuff, you CAN run Windows programs under a Mac. But really, it's all about personal reference. For programmers and gamers, go for Windows. For multimedia peeps or those who hate viruses, go for the Unix-based Mac OS X. If you're both a hardcore gamer and a multimedia artist, go for a Mac with both the OS X and a customized Windows 7 (set in a way that it doesn't look like your Mac's main OS, like ObjectDock on the bottom with the icons of the games you play; with the Taskbar completely invisible; and perhaps some other apps for your desktop like Rainmeter on the top for the time, the shutdown/restart button, etc.). It's really all up to you.
  15. You're asking if you want to play a sound and loop it?
  16. It sounds like the car spawned without KITT's code, I mean KITT is spawned in any other method other than the original spawning script coded by Del. I'm guessing you used a different spawner, perhaps a trainer? The KITT spawn code -- the right one -- should execute the core codes of KITT during or after spawning, like the immunities code which gives KITT its molecular bonded shell ability. You don't just spawn KITT. Or perhaps you're using a CLEO script that alters car properties (the immunities).
  17. I hope the makers of the original game don't sue you for copyright infringement. Because they'll end up wasting such a great effort for resurrecting their own game. (who will be the evil one here when this happens? ) Keep up the awesome job Trance.
  18. I remind me of me before my anxieties got worse. As a tech junkie I love programming and tech as well, and still do but could no longer keep up with this hobby due to stress. If you're gonna make homebrew PSP software, you'll need a custom firmware for your PSP. I'm guessing the PSPs currently available today in stores are hard to put a CFW on due to the firmware they have (v6+). You need stuff like a Pandora battery to downgrade. Look @ YouTube for tutorials.
  19. Buying a PSP so you can buy homebrew with it. Now that's what I call epic dedication to programming. You SHOULD join the Nintendo DS / PSP homebrew community Keep up the awesome work, dude.
  20. The original plutonium-powered De Lorean. In Sci-Fi, I always like power that packs a punch better and dangerous machines that use them better. Mr. Fusion may out-power plutonium, but the whole thing I find is too simple and safe lol.
  21. I'm doing this for me, not for the mod team.
  22. I know. When it comes to anything related to sounds, music or coding, I'm cool with it.