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  1. This is for the latest source code, right? If you're talking about the Part 1 De Lorean, sometimes a few effects start just before 88, at around 85-87. The mod's default time traveling sequence starting at 80 is based from the Part 3 De Lorean. But it would also be nice if you post this, too. I might, btw, share my GTA-style HUD for the time circuits soon. That is, after I'm finished tweaking Micr0ch1p's parkour mod.
  2. Can you share the code or make a tutorial for fixing the coil glows of the Crysis De Lorean?
  3. I personally find SA's motion blur a cool additional effect for time traveling. But for general driving, it feels like you're driving a rocket or something. Too much motion blur for a considerably slow speed.
  4. They might also limit the eras or years you can travel to. Perhaps, after you've finished all missions and went into free-roam mode, you can only travel to a limited list of years -- 1985, 1955, 2015, 1985A and 1885. I dunno, but I believe it's already hard enough to render the five different eras of Hill Valley.
  5. Can 'ya copy those coding tutorials/instructions in the first page? In case this topic gets around at least 4 pages long, people don't have to look for 'em.
  6. Delete all poly's and I'll get an invisible chute?
  7. Just finished playing TF2 as a Medic when I saw this. The Medic reminds me of the Ghostbusters. Cool. Offtopic SPOILER: Trance, remember that old parachute/bag model thing? I found out I really don't need to turn the sling bag into a parachute (facepalm). The bag as a clothing replacement is perfect, because I can't disable 'skydiving mode' without making the bag disappear. What I do need is find a way to make the parachute invisible. Perhaps design a model small enough to be covered by the sling bag. What'cha think?
  8. The code for switching between paint jobs is easy, a lot easier than adding a custom paint job to be honest. If only I have my Sanny Builder currently installed, I can teach you guys how. Me hopes to get everything set up tomorrow. (good old GTA:SA, here I come)
  9. As long as you keep that De Lorean away from spray and mod shops, that wouldn't be much of a problem. LOL. Sure. That is after I (properly) re-install GTA:SA. Haven't touched my scripts for at least a year now.
  10. I've done a few simple code modifications (for personal preferences) like the use of the motion blur for time travel like you've did there, but...damn. That iced De Lorean was sweet. How the hell did you do that? EDIT: I see it's based on paintjobs. While I haven't tried it out yet, I think it is possible to switch between paintjobs without affecting the vehicle in ways like removing and re-spawning it, yeah? That was a cool idea, btw. Can't wait for you to share that texture. I also use Tirido's De Lorean. And speaking of a time circuits overhaul, this reminds me that I've done one myself. I've changed it to match the style of GTA: San Andreas' traditional HUD, which is a bit reminiscent to the old TC of one of the previous versions of the BTTF mod. I feel the current colorful TC is a bit alien to the rest of the HUD. Ain't done yet, and I did plan to share it around once it is, so I might restore my old CLEOs thread for this.
  11. We're still sticking to Vice City because its '80s graphics or look that fit BTTF's theme, and it's more compatible with on low-ends. The team decided to also make a full version for San Andreas, anyway. SA's shading system works just fine. SA's graphics are made to fit with SA's original theme. If the team would want the graphics to fit BTTF's '80s / Sci-Fi themes, it will take a lot of graphical effort.
  12. Can't see what you did in that topic. All of your screenshots are replaced by ImageShack's infamous frozen frog. Did 'ya do the wormhole?
  13. Which topic? Did you do it or convert it for SA? Kinda having trouble with converting it to SA. Not sure if I'll have time this week to fix this issue.
  14. He said he has some uploading problems. I suggested he try emailing me the files he wants to upload. So far, I've got the wormhole. Attempting to convert it for SA.
  15. Can you upload this someplace else? ImageShack's new bullcrap policy keeps us from seeing your pics. Btw, look @ my post/question in the previous page.
  16. Can I also know, too? I'm also interested in helping you out.
  17. Are you gonna up this? This is GOOD stuff. Loving the new SFX and wormhole. I can convert these to a San Andreas version if 'ya want, for those who wants an SA version.
  18. Speaking of which, I am planning to buy Blu-Rays of the trilogy this weak. Just had the cash and player for it. Can't wait. I know. As a matter of fact, I rarely use FAT32. The "4GB" thing is just an approximate. What I was saying is that when processing files for long like storing large files, my hard drive begin to screw up like slowing down or something. Obviously damaged, most likely from my brother dropping the poor drive several times in a row. Well anyway, it's no longer readable and I already have a replacement drive for it (which is thrice larger, about 1TB). I still need to fix the HDD up though. I NEED those files.
  19. It would be nice if you merge it in a way that it won't look like 3 movies merged at all but 1 huge/5-hour long movie. E.G. The ending scenes of BTTF1 and BTTF2 are replaced with that of the beginning scenes of the following movie, and then if possible the title/intro scenes are removed. I've always wanted to do this, but lately my external HDD's a b*tch when it comes to files of 4 GB or bigger. I'm glad I have backed-up the trilogy, though. The original CDs were badly scratched.
  20. The title should be "Minecraft obsession + BTTF obsession + Caffeine". I may plan to design a De Lorean with Minecraft, complete with fire trails.
  21. Trance the Epic Model Converter. Keep up the awesome stuff. BTW, I think I found that backpack mod I was talking about.