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  1. You know, I recall making a suggestion in IPro's old Ghostbusters thread about making the Trap. But instead of containing ghosts, it would contain peds and probably even vehicles like military tanks. If you're like chased by cops, you can use the Proton Pack to push them into the Trap, and seal away the motherf*ckers... and then destroy the Trap by driving a tank over it or something. LOL. I know cops aren't made up of "negative ghostly energy" that the Packs would work on them, but it would be the best "gag" mod if you think about it. XD
  2. Another "well f*ck". Left the image loading disabled in my browser's settings. Figures. :| Looks good, BTW.
  3. Well f*ck... Haha. Thanks (for the link).
  4. I hope you don't mind I bump your thread, Uokka. I just wanna know the coordinates you used to fix the coil glow of Tirido's De Lorean.
  5. Neat. Nice to see you have an interest in George Romero's series. You know, this reminds me of an old idea for a total conversion mod, called "Shattered Colony: San Andreas", based on the flash game "Shattered Colony: The Survivors". Inspired with the hybrid RTS concept, I tried to expand the concept further with GTA: San Andreas via modding. I had a lot of ideas for it, but so far I am still tentative whether to go ahead with this mod idea (due to lack of "resources" and time). Here's a summary of what the mod would be, if you're interested (copied from an old forum post) -- SPOILER: The mod would involve a more complex zombie survival gameplay where, instead of your usual Chuck-Norris-kicking-zombie-ass type of zombie survival, it'll be heavily based on teamwork. The mod involves the player -- who is working alone with a pre-existing secure safe house at the very start of the game in one of San Andreas' 3 cities (you can choose among the three) -- needing to form a group of survivors or fellow immunes of a viral outbreak to work with him/her, A.K.A. "colony" (or, gameplay-wise, "gang") in order to survive the growing horde of zombies. Apart from having people to shoot some zombie ass with, you'll also need things like secure shelter or safe houses and resources such as food and weapons, which is where the fun starts. The player's first safe house would do well when the player is still working alone or has a relatively small colony, but eventually as the colony grows larger, you'll need more safe houses and a wider secure safe zone to compensate for the growing number of zombies attracted to your colony. Capturing or claiming safe houses requires purging the area of zombies occupying the area and securing the entire area from the outside horde. The same is said for resources like food and weapons. You'll need to purge a restaurant, a convenient store, and/or a weapon shop of zombie infestation, secure them and claim them as a part of your colony's safe zone, thus giving your colony safe access to their resources. Security, of course, is also just as important. The more the weapons available for your colony, the more the survivors, and the less your safe zone is divided (in terms of distance), the better the security and lesser the chance of a zombie attack. Cars can serve as barricades, while bridges, when barricaded or secured, can be used for "crowd control" during a zombie attack or a safe passage between distant captured zones, among many others. Eventually as you progress, your safe zone grows bigger and more powerful against the zombie horde, and if given the chance your colony may grow strong enough to purge and re-claim the entire state of San Andreas... or expand towards the city's airport, successfully claim the airport and use the planes to fly your asses out of the infested state, which may be too late for salvation. With pre-existing features of the game like gang grouping and gang territories, these may not be too hard to code, and at the same time it would still feel like playing good old GTA: San Andreas -- only, of course, with zombies and more complex "gangs". BTW, when are you going to start working on Bub? :3
  6. Could you tell us where you got that wormhole? :3 (Edit.) Never mind. I just browsed through 20 freaking pages just to know who made that wormhole. LOL. Clearly I've been missing a lot. Were the effects released/shared, or is it just to you guys Micro/Zero/Trance? Really love to try it out. BTW, I made a bit-movie-accurate re-entry explosions a year ago. Looks faded when it's rendered in a dark area, so I'm currently looking for a way to make it brighter. Here's a link if you guys wanna check it out -- http://www.mediafire.com/?jzvvnenwomy. I replaced "blueexplosion" in effects.fxp.
  7. Was about to buy myself a 3DS Max from a friend -- the sling bag being just one of many things I have in mind of course. LOL. That is until he (finally) made clear about the price. Not worth it. So I think I'll be sticking to your copy for now.
  8. Nice to see you back in GTA modding, Trance. LOL-ed at your recent PM.
  9. Looks neat. Any chance you could share those with us?
  10. So looking around with a joy pad controls CJ's head? Hm. Coding that into ordinary PC controls would be harder than I thought.
  11. Meh. I don't mind. It's just an adjustment. I can wait. Btw, how did you make CJ's turn and head look at where the camera is facing or looking at? It's something I've been trying to achieve for a long time. LOL.
  12. Oh wow, just logged-in so I could go check if you've finally replied to my PM (and comment on the Minecraft thread), and then I saw this. Volcano FTW. XD Off-topic: About the slingbag model, my problem is that the one you uploaded recently in MediaFire crashes when I use it. I've seen the screenshots of you testing it, though., so I'm guessing you uploaded the wrong file again. Shouldn't be much of a problem if that's the case.
  13. Wheeler Dealers is back in Discovery channel?! Why don't we have it here? Btw, I (re-)posted the second video for you.
  14. Because it's better to be chased down by police because of over-speeding with a 1980's car or driving an enormous train on a busy highway than to get caught by authorities flying around their skies, considered as "suspicious". Face it. It's reality. And you wouldn't want that.
  15. Now I've just realized, it IS a hover car. This one doesn't switch between vehicles. It's the same vehicle with folding wheels (something I once thought to be impossible with pure SCM code alone) and flight capabilities.
  16. Seems someone's doing his research well. Hoping to also study Blue's new code myself soon.
  17. I think I get what you're saying. This is the one, right? -- Kinda clever in your part, imo. Never thought of using searchlights as time travel effects. I might either go with this, or continue learning how to properly create effects in effects.fxp. EDIT: Just saw the code of the Turn Indicator mod. Looks like he used a lot of memory hacks. Currently beyond what I know.
  18. Holy crap. *Hits download button* EDIT: And so, what is it then? The only thing I've done properly is a custom particle (via effects.fxp), but at certain sizes and camera angles it becomes a bit less flash-y or bright so it ain't that pretty. It's almost close, but sadly not pretty enough.
  19. So it ain't a corona then? 'Cuz coronas in CLEO need to be constantly told to display to display longer. And you can't attach it to objects like how you can attach the coil glow effects on the De Lorean without any lags affecting them. Coronas 'attached' to the De Lo would function like the effects in the GTA:VC mod. I MIGHT just be able to mod GTA:SA a bit today. Just re-installed it, and everything seems to be working fine now. And if my group mates want their lead programmer to take a rest today and continue it tomorrow, why not?
  20. So the light is a corona? I'm wishing to use something like it for the implosions/explosions and also perhaps the wormhole. The command for displaying a corona must be constantly used to keep it displayed, so it may not be the best for implosions/explosions. As for wormholes, though, I've already tried it. Although shiny and beautiful (to me), it ain't good with lags. And speaking of, my defense ain't done yet. Our panelists asked us to improve the software and re-report it by Friday. So no GTA:SA modding for me 'till Saturday. Bummer.
  21. Can 'ya also tell us how you got the big light thing at 1:48 - 1:50 of your 5th video? It's something I was aiming for a year ago to improve the wormhole/implosion (for my own tastes, that is).
  22. So the time travel is based on the size of the wormhole, then? This must be Blue/DeLorean88US's fix for time traveling instantly when activating the time circuits under speed of =>88MPH. Sorry about these lazy questions. Sanny Builder and GTA:SA in general are currently acting like crap on me so I need to re-install everything before I could download and test the latest code -- which I don't have much time for 'till after my thesis defense this Monday.
  23. I'm talking about the final part of the sequence -- the time traveling / 'teleporting' through time / implosion / fire trails part. See, as far as I can remember, the previous codes rely on speed for both the sequence and the final time travel itself. If you've moved the start of the sequence or the pre-time travel effects from 80 to 88, wouldn't the effects be short-lived since you'll also time travel at 88? Ain't sure about the current latest code, though.
  24. How about the time traveling / temporal displacement itself? Is it also speed-based? I'm currently not familiar with the 2010/11/05 code. I'm more on the 2010/02/28 and previous. Just realized Blue re-wrote the code in the latest. More organized this time.