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  1. This Mod looks incredible! Is there any work still being done on it? Ever since I was 11 I always imagined what it would be like to take that helicopter ride to JP! Are there any plans to have a "tour mode" where you get to see all the dinosaurs in their paddoxs before everything goes to hell? Will the Aviary from JP3 be included as well? (even though it was on Sorna) It'd love to be able to tour the visitor center, see the gift shop, the embryo cold storage, the amitheater Mr. DNA show, and the control center!
  2. I know about the Telltale game, I personally am enjoying the direction the story is going, episode 4 definately stepped out of the "safe zone" in terms of the characters, and it'll be interesting to see how the whole thing is resolved
  3. Ah, I misread the thread last night, I was half asleep at the time lol So Telltale stuff is an unofficial add on to the mod and not an actual part of the mod itself. I'm sorry to hear that production has stalled, this mod it still, imho the closest we'll ever get to playing a "movie accurate" BTTF game, the level of detailing on the DeLorean and it's effects still amaze me. Unfortunately with fan projects such as this there will always be the "when will it come out?! We've been waiting forever!" crowd, if you've ever been to the AGD, IA, or POS boards you'll see it's just as bad over there! I hope this mod does reach completion one day, but even if it doesn't, what we have now is still a testament to what can be achieved when fans put their minds to it!
  4. http://www.coronacomingattractions.com/mov...-future-part-iv I remember being in high school when these rumors were buzzing around the net! Exciting times in a way, but looking back, I'm REALLY glad it never happened...Doc Brown, Roswell, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is intriguing...but in the end I think the Telltale game and animated series are as close to a "Part 4" as we need to get.
  5. Just wanted to pop in and say that this is awesome work! I for one am really enjoying the Telltale game, as well as love this mod, I was wondering if the new eras from the game would be added into the mod in some way, awesome work! I look forward to hopefully getting a chance to play these add ons!
  6. Hey Everyone!!! I was messing around with the latest release last night, and I have to say I'm very impressed with the way the DeLorean effects have come along! I was just curious, would it be too much of a hassle to release a stand alone version of the Part 2 DeLorean for use with "regular" Vice City? It'd be sweet to use it to mess with during certain missions.
  7. Isn't it called the Euphoria engine?
  8. Nice idea you had in that topic!!! You stumbled archer :P

  9. Maybe it could use the same color/texture as Candi Suxx's Limo...been a while since I played but I think it was gold...
  10. Yeah I know it's not movie accurate but it'd still be fun to mess around with....whoa Doc those colors are heavy!!! I know Marty!! lol Hmmm...care to give any "editing for dummies" tips on which files and lines to edit....I still think it would be fun to have multi-colored coils lol That might just be my ADD talking though
  11. Oh I know that, but what I'm saying is it'd be cool if when choosing say the Back to the Future 1 DeLorean you can also pick to have a red warmhole and green coils.
  12. I have a question. I know in the mod the main incarnations of the town we will see are 1885, 1955, 1985, and 2015.... I was wondering how many years will each map be represented? For example, if we time travel from say 1885 - 1900 the hill valley we see will be the "1885 map" from 1955-1975 the "1955 map" will be used...ect...
  13. I used to have the original Gold DeLorean model and incorporated it into 0.2d. It's nice to see an updated version in the works. It would be great to have it in 2E as well! it should spawn only at Sunshine Autos and not be seen driving around, since the gold DeLoreans are so rare.