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  1. well i feel a bit stupid i got port 2203 from somewhere or just got it wrong thanks coolest got it working now
  2. Not been on here for a while but when i read about this multi theft auto i was quite intrested to try it out but cant seem to get the server working put the one given out earlier by mike(mwnetnt.webhop.net port 2203)into add host on multi theft auto and nothing any clue what im doing wrong?
  3. grim grim grim im getting the feeling you dont like me im really trying to be you buddy ,please say you'll be my buddy i dont no what i would do if you said no(Sarcasm just in case your a bit slow on the uptake grim) Listen grim iv got a really short attention span and im gettin board so lets say no more hey whadda ya say?
  4. I have way to much time on my hands lately! it's fun though. sorry grim its over it's not you it's me!
  5. I do understand rules and i dont mean no offence to the people that are important on this forum ,but grim dont u love me ,you can sue me for all the money in my bank account if you want! i wont put up a fight.
  6. ohh no hes havin a go at me now im so scared you might be able to intimidate other people on here but dont think it will work with me ,just let it go or cant you? Mr 1212 posts! sorry Mike!
  7. sorry bud im usually quite reserved ,just dont like it when people come across as nasty to other people,i know it was none of my buissness in the first place ,just think its a bit like bullying and might put some people off ,i personaly dont care what people say to me.I may be overreacting so i will try and be more ignorant in the future.
  8. I know im being a little self-contradicting but some people seem to have a little to much time on there hands if they can have a go at someoe just for having 28 posts ,bit sad really and yes maybe more so for me for writing this but just p***ess me off when people nit pick!
  9. Sandman


    Ye i just thought people would have already tried this but i couldnt find any dyom that where made for this mod ,but with a little cleo tinkering the dyom mod works great with bttf mod and people with better understanding of both dyom and coding might be able to do a hell of a lot better than me its dosent take long to create a mission using dyom so would be nice to see other peoples attempts at bttf missions.I know all this will be done in the future much better just a little summat to play around with.
  10. Sandman


    Nothing major ,like i said no coding experience just used the spawn.cs file and took out key press to spawn and changed it with spawn when walk into marker (which i got from cleo tutorial) im using latest dyom v5 and Source Code 20091121
  11. Sandman


    Just an idea been messing with for people like me with no coding experience ,managed to make this very small mission its very rough and im not sure about the rules on changing other peoples codes but i thought it might be a nice stop gap for people waiting for future releases.bttfdyom
  12. nay bother like i said quite happy to stick to certain areas of the map while in the delorean and switching cars for going anywhere else.i always play in full 1280 x 800 x 32
  13. yep its all good much better with the new coils ,a small problem iv been having from early on is a bit of lag only when driving the delorean i would be ashame to have to use a less detailed one but if thats the only solution then is there one?.I am a laptop user so i know i cant push it as far as most but normal sa runs perfectly fine its only when im in the delorean and in built up areas like the strip.It all works fine in less built up areas.If nothing its still worth it i'll just stick to driving around the dessert and other less built up areas I mean its big enough!