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  1. Hey All, just dropping by for old time's sake. Went to BTTF Secret Cinema in London couple months back, was a childhood dream come true! Made me wonder how we're getting on here. I'm with Del on this one - would have favoured seeing the code first, especially the the number pad to key in the destination time (been lusting after that one since joining in the moddb days). Good luck everyone.
  2. Did 1955 Doc after talking with Marty for the second time (ie. Part III) know that he would inevitably come back to 1955 as an old man, and therefore also know that he would be sent back to 1885 by lightning etc.? Even though the future/past is 'fixed' by the almanac burnt etc, the 'loop' still exists right? What are people's thoughts? Cheers
  3. So why make it a point and click game at all? I know that telltale do those kind of style games...I know it's been said over and over again but there was so much potential for summat better...I mean when i heard bttf on ps3, I was thinking a full utlilisation of graphics (like how the del looks in gta4) and real good extent of independance to explore and time travel. I don't really care that much about relationships or storylines, unless the time travel is the fix/solution/screws up the storyline..and then WE have the choice to time travel ourlselves where and when. This game is clearly aimed at a far too young audience in my opinion. Rant over lol.
  4. Sorry going off topic to go back onto subject of the game..I'm not gonna go into massive detail, but I will say this - storyline average, and I would have expected at least one opportunity to at the very least drive the delorean? much to ask for?
  5. Ha oh you know how it is..you've heard it been said by many a member - real life. I'm at Uni and there are simply other pleasures in life! I'll always be fond of this film and this mod..I think the telltale game on the PS3 has got me into it again a bit. I mean it's not at all what I was expecting when I heard for first time about BTTF the game ...I'm not really into that kind of game format. It was similar in Lost, but at least that had some free roam capabilities. I think I'm just used to the sandboxyness of this wicked mod, and have been for years. It seems quite quiet round here these days too.. I've forgotten all of the coding and modding skills (if much!) that I did have as well. Del was always very happy to help and comment. Still nice to see my texture and model replacement for Marty is still being used in the current VC version though It's funny looking at all my old coding vids and textures on photobucket! How's your Jurassic Park mod coming along?
  6. Gotta say, episode 2 much better and actually enjoyed quite a bit.. got back my BTTF bug back!
  7. Still, I put a lot of thought into what I wrote! Anyway, I was cursing at Mike lightheartedly.
  8. Mike Posted Today, 07:01 PM "Some anger issues Dan?" Haha well you deserve it man! I mean, I wrote a friggin sincere post! lol
  9. Wow. Well this is indeed very sad. I have been with this mod since the days of ModDB and it really is astonishing how far the mod has come. All I can say is well done again to the team, especially Del who we all know has put in extraordinary efforts into this mod. I hope the site and its downloads will still be here so BTTF fans can continue to satisfy probably the closest thing to being a part of the BTTF world. Thanks again, this mod has given me a lot of enjoyment over the years, and it has been a pleasure to be among people from all over the world who share this appreciation of a legendary film trilogy. Del, Mike, BACKINTIME, Pantherclaws, KITT, TimeTrain, and htscpe, Nightshade - I've known you guys for a few years now, thanks again for everything, was nice to know you all. Best Wishes, Dan (Formerly Dan4BTTF)
  10. GREAT texturing....not too sure on the video ending though.......