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  1. I liked the first episode a lot more than the second. While the story of these games are good, I generally find point and click games boring. I also did find the second one a bit short, I hope this isn't going to be a trend of quality steadily decreasing as I really like the game art and the style they used. SPOILER: Or by other logic: He wouldn't stay where he was because he would never have gone on the trip to find out about the speakeasy in the first place due to Edna. He also might never have built the time machine. Either way I look at it (BTTF 2 Logic too) there is some sort of problem there.
  2. Well that sure was a useless reply. Of course they can do Doc if they can do other peds, its no different. The DeLorean sure looks strange in GTA IV, I can see theres alot of finishing to do with lighting bu its good so far . I also read that the delorean from the crysis mod is being converted to IV too, which should be epic.
  3. Im aware of that now . I shall fire up img editor, it might be failing to delete them because they already where removed in previous install? EDIT: They where removed, still no hill valley. I will try on virgin install seeing as ive run the installer so many times now.
  4. I'm on windows 7 x64, I used a clean vc w/o radio stations installed. First time I installed the game would crash halfway through the loading bar. I ran the auto installer again and game loaded but no hill valley (No clocktower etc, just the cinema road with no buildings). Ran installer again and it freezes on bar again: install_log here. So basically seems a bit hit or miss here. EDIT: Loading issue seems to be to do with cracked exe I was using. Dont know about hill valley issue yet.
  5. Looks pretty good, to keep the train in a straight line you could have but small ridges either side of the tracks in the col file. Sort of kerb stone height, that way the train would be more likely to stay in line.
  6. FUTD


    1. That program is called wine. WineHQ is just the site. 2. Linux is a good os, you clearly don't understand it. - Or are over opinionated. 3. WineHQ has an "appdb" to show tricks and compatibility. Gta 3 apparently runs 100% fine with some patches: see this. Please research before coming to a conclusion on things in future.

  8. Great work. Its so beautiful
  9. It would be a great mod if you could pull it off. But thats a lot of cars to model.
  10. Anyone can,use sketchup,thats why its such,a good program, but it doesnt export,to gta well.
  11. True but its not going to give the same quality of models as 3ds can produce(If you know how to use it)
  12. No offence but. If your wanting to make worth while contributions you should use a more professional program like 3ds max. No one is going to take you seriously using sketchup.
  13. I think that they should be sort of calmed down. eg 2 star maxium no fbi or army making more room for cars too!