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  1. It's been a while, I am not as active as I was once before, but now and then I drop by to see the progress on this mod. I mean, I've been following this mod a long time, but I just don't post much so my e-p*nis here isn't big. Thereby, I completely understand Mike for taking his time, since this is a hobby and not a job or something. Some people have a life you know, deal with it. And now I just wanted to say thank you to the creators/contributors of this mod. You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up. So far my yearly post...
  2. Ontopic: Cool models K.I.F.T./Jake-dk! I like them. Keep up the good work!
  3. Right, so in this way it is possible to make peds for different timezones, am i right? (I'm not trying to push you guys, and I know it isn't gonna be in 0.2f or something close to that, I'm just asking).
  4. ArticLight

    131 Sounds

    How about replacing the Mr. Whoopee music thingy? Or is that hard coded?
  5. Did you know that the sparks you see when time travelling, were newspapers?
  6. I thought there were some leaves and briefs (if you destroy a mailbox) left to use for particles.
  7. Do you always type the comment above the quote?
  8. Nope never seen them. And for the car colors, I would make him black with orange, but I don't know if the colors are supposed to match with something from the Space Odessy movies so I could be very wrong here.
  9. You know, that's kinda... cool. You could trying to edit the pedstats.dat to change the things like if they run away at gunshots etc.
  10. Cool time circuits. But what does HAL stand for?
  11. Bigger pics maybe? But it looks good. AND WHAT IS THE GREAT UBER THING THAT LGISBY IS MAKING? xD
  12. It's ok you use my radar to create your own, but first ask me next time. (And put me in the credits! ) @ DK: I don't know, I guess he made the rest himself. @ Statler: That's mine right?
  14. Awesome work and video! Although I did notice you used a cheat.