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  1. When you see the first 2 movies Marty has to stop Biff and Griff from killing him so how about these missions
  2. why are the railroads gonna be in 0.3 instead of all the other versions
  3. I am talking about can the 131 v1 model push the delorean
  4. I am talking about the v1 model of the rogers you gave approval of Carlos
  5. ok thanks and just one question about the first version in 0.2e is there a code where it can push the delorean
  6. just one question about the 131 in 0.2f will there be steam effects like the time train and must it have the tires to push the delorean
  7. Ok that is it we can stop talking about that now so how is 0.2f coming along how much more will there be needed till the release
  8. No the link fourm you gave me the third photo down when you statrt on top of the that fourm the linked one
  9. Mike on the first page on the fourm i want the locomotive the third picture down and i like this one two but i just would like the one on the first page third picture down
  10. hi mike i am just saying but how come you won't release version 2 now if you have version 1 out
  11. so you are trying to say is that you can't even rememandber how to make the model from 0.2f and i have redone some of the textures on the train would you like to see them
  12. well i tryed hitting the usal keys for the train but it will not hook on and plus i am happy but the thing is it is just no the 131 because (not to criticize you Carloas and Mr fusion) but the model wheel configuration isn't right because it looks like a 2-6-0 not a 4-6-0 and the thing is it either it looks like a box or a nig oval with a square on the back
  13. SWEET FINALLY i got it installed thank you very much and hope to see mor versions in the future so mr fusion, Carlos thank you very much and does it push the delorean
  14. just one question to the 0.3 railroads how will they work to we just ride straight on them with the trains and the railroad delorean or is there a spiecal way we get them on the track
  15. Just one question about 0.2f is there gonaa be a tutorial on where stuff is and how to use it
  16. ok you do not need to call me a good boy just say ok you will wait like evryone else
  17. Well now i am going to stop and wait like everyone else
  18. sorry it is just that reading all the comments on all the othere things on these posts it just making me say that we need to wait patiently
  19. Wait let me get this striaght so you do not want to release 0.2f because you worry that there are gonna be tons of glitches if you release it now and plus you still got alot to do before it is finished HOW DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND THAT
  20. So what you are saying is that both Rogers 131 and the rrdel are going to be free roaming