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  1. In preparation for my work (building the installer), I reinstalled Vice City yesterday evening.  It must have been years since I last played the mod - even firing up 0.2e, I actually found it fun to play.

    I guess spending some time away from it has given me a little renewed enthusiasm for it.  That and viewing it on a 40" display.

    Now to build the installer for 0.2f!

  2. It is still considered a beta because it's unfinished.  It is being released as is, with no further work planned to complete it.

    The whole 'total conversion' concept was always a very grand plan.  Unfortunately without a dedicated team of people working full time on the mod, it was something which in reality was never going to happen.

  3. Hi, you are largely correct for the most part.  

    0.2f will be the last release from us - and to clarify the F does not mean final, it will be a playable beta as per previous releases of the mod.  

    It will include the things you have seen in the previous trailers, i.e. a completed version of the 1955 town square (clocktowers will change between 1885, 1955, 1985, and 2015, but the surrounding buildings will remain the same).  There also some additional areas which have been modelled by Thyncho88, as well as a player model or two which will also be included.

    The Rogers locomotive from part III will be included, complete with animations.  Likewise Doc's truck will also have an animated tailgate.  There is also the keypad entry for the time circuits.  

    There are some WIP animations for the 2015 taxi which may or may not make it into the release.

    And of course, there will be Carlos' fanastic new DeLorean models.

    I'm sure I am missing things but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    What happens after the release?  That is a very good question, and one I am not sure has an answer at the moment.  

    Certainly I think we all agree that continuing to mod Vice City does not make sense.  This is a game which was released over 12 years ago, and is becoming increasingly difficult to make function (even without mod's) in newer versions of Windows.

    Moving to San Andreas is a possiblity, however even SA is now 10 years old.

    What problably makes the most sense (in my opinion), is to jump to GTA 4, I would imagine most folks will now have hardware which can handle GTA 4.

    I am hopeful to have a little surprise lined up for October 21st - will need to see if it can fall into place within the timescale we are working on.

    Certainly for any future releases I am of the opinion that rather than a full release, new features and models should be made available to users as they are completed, and a small update file released to incorporate those new features/models into your existing game.  This would help keep folks interested in the mod for one thing.  To be quite honest I am somewhat ashamed that it has taken us 7 years to release 0.2f.

    Also you may have seen from the facebook page that I am stepping down.  That may have been somewhat overstated.  My role here, other than hosting the website, was making the trailers, and writing the install script (in conjunction with Mini-Me).  I will still be around to do the latter if required - but what little spare time I do have these days is spent within the DeLorean community (for those who don't know, I bought a DeLorean 5 years ago).  So while life has moved on for me, I do of course still look back on this mod with fond memories, the team are a great bunch of people to work with, and we could not ask for a better, more supportive fan base.

    That is why I am hopeful that the mod will continue in some form - now it maybe that a new generation of modders take over where we leave things.  We will make all endeavours to make the code base open source to allow folks to continue our work, all we would ask is that any future releases make sure to credit the appropriate folks.

    I'll close things here as I don't want to send people to sleep, but am happy to answer any further questions.

    Thanks, Mike

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  4. A few of us have suffered PC issues, in my case my main PC has died which has delayed the trailer I said I was going to make towards the latter part of last year, I could make it on my backup PC however there would be so much lag on the video that it really wouldn't look very good.

    I know DK's PC is also down at the moment and we are waiting on him fixing that to get the last few models for the town square put into the game.

    Outside of that, I'm not a college student anymore, I have work and commitments I need to attend to, along with wanting to spend time working on my DeLorean, I don't have the time to check back here too often. Having said that, as soon as there are updates to be made to the install files for 0.2f I will endevour to update it asap.

    The mod is far from lost, we have multiple backups of all the files across multiple different PC's/external hard drives and in the cloud.

    If people are that bothered about 0.2f, lookup the version from 2009 that Mr Fusion aka the b*****d leaked out. Just don't ask us for any kind of support on it.

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  5. Are these any good to you? Recorded today with a proper microphone.

    Engine idle with microphone placed just above the rear louver:


    Engine idle with microphone placed down between the exhaust tips (slight noise at the start as I moved the microphone into position - I would chop off the first 5 seconds):


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  6. Is the Teaser Trailer soon ready at least? I'm so anxious to see this trailer lol

    Trailer will be put together just as soon as I have the latest models through (1955 courthouse square is now complete)

    Surprise surprise. Sigh. I give up

    Feel free to pay Liam/Carlos/DK/Mini-Me/Blue to work on it full time, we have jobs and lives - and this is a mod/hobby for us. I don't see anyone flocking to offer help with modelling etc, these things take time.
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  7. Anyway the mod is going to be released on 2013 (as they have said), so missing 12 days to finish 2013, it will be released these days :')

    Let's be honest, it's unlikely that we are going to make it within the next 13 days. It's very close, but it's not quite ready for release just yet.