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  1. I did this:

    I actually fixed that bug as one of the last minute fixes, however the file was incorrectly included with the auto installer. Either use the manual installer - that version doesn't have the issue - or open the installer with an archiving tool such as 7-Zip and browse into the data folder. You'll find 2 files named objects.dat in there. Extract the larger one of the two into the data folder of the mod:


    That should fix it.

    Then i have reinstalled the mod and then i did this:

    Here is the correct file.  Replace the existing objects.dat file in the data folder, with this one.

    You will then be able to push the delorean to 88 miles per hour (without crashing)


    Now i have the traffic.

    I don't know why but for now it seems to have worked.

    That's interesting.  Because the file Mini-Me is referencing in that screenshot, and the file I posted up for download are one and the same.

  2. Didn't work mike, actually fixed other missing textures but not from hill valley, but i figure out how this happens, if you load the game and go to hill valley before 19 pm, the buildings will load normally, but if you load the game and go to the hill valley after 19 pm they will turn white

    Can you try this, extract the models and textures for those buildings from gta3.img. 

    Delete them from the img and rebuild it, specfically, delete these:




    Then, import the models and textures back into gta3.img and rebuild it once again.

    Try running the game then and see if you stil have problems

  3. I was browsing through the gta3.img file (as you do), and I found a few files that are of different railroad models. I decided to view them in a dff viewer and i figured out that they are modeled VERY well. The only problem with the files is that they aren't collision mapped, therefore can't be imported into the game. I would love to make a section of the map that is just the railroad by itself with the Roger's locomotive. It would be awesome to have the train push the Delorean off the incomplete bridge to 1985 where it is complete. Here's an photo album of what all of the models look like: http://imgur.com/a/N8NbL

    As part of our new open door policy, we want people to know what we are working on. 

    So so to that end, I'll tell you what those railroad models are for. It was originally planned that 0.2f would include a basic rail track running around the map. The Rogers locomotive would have been coded to run on this track. It would have also included a spur which you could divert the train along in order to push the railroad Delorean up to 88 miles per hour. 

    Unfortunately we simply ran out of time so we're unable to include the track on the map in 0.2f. But it should hopefully follow in a later release/update.

    Something along the lines of this: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/index.php?/video_gallery.html/grand-theft-auto-vice-city/02f/no131-rogers-locomotive-teaser-r65/

  4. It's a maybe at this stage, but the tutorial and ride missions might be added back in.  Depends if Jen can figure out blues code for those missions, as it's not just a case of cutting and pasting the code from 0.2e.

    Only issue with re-adding the ride mission is that we would also need the dmc-13 time machine back in.  While we could add it back as a road going vehicle, we stole it's heli slot for the 2015 taxi (hover conversion and animations to follow soon)