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  1. Now that the dust has settled on the release of 0.2f, we wanted to share with you how we are planning to take the mod forward.

    It was initially thought that 0.2f would be our swan song, but pulling everyone back together has given us a renewed sense of enthusiasm, so for the immediate future at least, you can expect more progress from us.

    We will also be changing the format of how we release the mod to you.  It is not planned at this point that there will be anymore main releases where we hold everything back (0.2g / 0.3 etc), what we will be doing now is releasing models and features as they are completed in the form of an update package which will install over the top of 0.2f.  If there are enough update packages we may bundle them together as a 'service pack' or release an 0.2f R2 which incorporates all changes.

    News and updates regarding progress of models and features will now be presented directly by the mod team members. All progress will be documented in the Blog section of our site, which can be found here: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/blogs/

    You may notice that we have two sections setup on the blog, one will document the ongoing progress with the GTA mods.  The second will document Leaf's progress with a standalone game build from the ground up.

    GTA mod blog: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/blogs/blog/6-bttf-hill-valley-mod-blog/

    Standalone game blog: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/blogs/blog/4-bttf-hill-valley-the-standalone-game/

    Please follow the blogs to keep up to date on the latest progress.


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  2. I don't think we mind people taking to and adding to the mod.  But if they are then going to release their version
    A ) they should make sure that the appropriate people are credited
    B ) they should call it something else

    We purposely chose different version number for GTA SA to avoid people being confused between what is a VC mod, and what is a SA mod.  But for example it looks like someone has released a "0.2f megamod" for GTA SA, which only serves to confuse people. 

    What's also really frustrating is that some of these mod's use 0.2f models which were leaked out (by Mr Fusion, thanks man <_<) these models have been converted, without our permission and placed in SA and IV.  Someone has already taken the 2015 taxi from 0.2f and converted it without permission - even though we have already stated that all 0.2f models will be released for GTA SA very soon.

  3. I don't know the SA map that well, but this is where we have it at the moment, currently suspended in the middle of nowhere above the ground.

    We are open to suggestions on where to place it, but yes, it should ideally be somewhere within proximity to the train tracks which run around SA, so that we can incorporate the Rogers and JVT.



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  4. I've been following the forums closely for the past few months, and noticed that before the release of the newest mod version, the team was planning to end it there, however after the release and fans getting together on here, it seems that the team is once again motivated to carry on with the mod. So are there actually any plans to move onto another GTA game? I've read that Vice City was chosen instead of San Andreas because of difficulty with modding particles. However, the FAQ says that the modding process allowed the team to learn a lot of new skills. 

    I'm sure most people would agree that if the mod was to be further developed, it would be ideal to move it on to San Andreas - yes, the game is 10 years old now, but it would even a far better choice than the most recent GTA V, since the games engine and modding capabilities have still not been fully explored. San Andreas also beats VC through features such as trains, california setting (and deserts!), the hydra being pretty much an obvious choice for modding the flying delorean onto, etc. 

    I've gone on a bit of a rant but I like starting discussions and hearing others out. So yeah..

    Well, it's funny you mention GTA SA.... Now, while the vehicles will also be going to GTA IV, the buildings will currently only go over to GTA SA - Liam had only given permission for his models in their existing form to be moved over to SA, because for use in GTA IV all of the textures would need to be redone so that they look right. 

    You are correct in your assumption that we are a lot more motivated to carry on now. Believe me it was a bit of a scramble trying to pull everything together last minute for the release of 0.2f. I think we started prepping it on the 18th/19th with the release on the 21st.  As a result of pulling everyone back together, and seeing people's reactions to the new release, it has given us a renewed sense of enthusiasm. 

    Having said that, I'm not sure that there will be anymore main releases - where we hold everything back until it is complete. Moving forward we will be releasing models and features as soon as they are completed in the form of an update package. Think of it as a windows update. Occasionally we may make a 'service pack' which bundles all of the updates together. OR if there are enough, incorporate them and release them under an R2. 

  5. We do not know yet, but at a guess, you can expect:

    BTTF 1 DeLorean + plutonium + effects
    BTTF 2 DeLorean + Mr Fusion + effects + hover conversion animation
    BTTF 3 DeLorean + Mr Fusion + effects
    BTTF 3 Railroad DeLorean + Mr Fusion + effects

    Doc's Truck + ramp animations
    Citroen Taxi + hover conversion animation
    Rogers 131 locomotive + animations
    JVT + animations + hover conversion animations

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  6. The conversion of models is progressing for GTA SA (I say progressing, they are done, pending final carcol, vehicle.ide and handing.dat values). We currently need to adjust the placement of various visual effects to suit the new models.

    A question for the community, would you like to wait for the visual effects to be updated, or would you like the models now? With an update to correct the effects placement following at a later date?


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  7. Remap the default controls so that the game does not use the numberpad.

    Then, make sure you are entering a destination/time in the correct format, and that you are pressing the minus key to confirm your entry. 

    Acceptable formats: 

    month/day/year/time eg 111219550615-  this will enter a destination time of Nov 12th 1955 06:15 AM

    month/day/year eg 11121955-  this will enter a destination time of Nov 12th 1955

    time eg 2204- this will update the time only to 10:04PM

    The time works in a 24 hour format, so key 1000- for 10:00AM and 2200- for 10:00PM