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  1. Might give that a go, haven't tried that yet, there are a few errors during installation, like it can't write a file or two I think it is but it can still carry on with the installation.


    It's always on the 1955 square load

    Ok, do a fresh install of GTA VC.  Once installed, make sure the entire contents of the GTA directory are not set to read only.   Then try installing the mod again using the manual install file.

  2. my game happens to crash EVERYTIME i try to put up the hook of BTTF 1 Delorean W/ HOOK. Help!!!! i really like doing the clocktower thing..

    My fix for this, is to put the hook up in 1985.  Time travel to 1955 (with the hook up), and then do the lightning run.  That's the only way I can get it to work for me.


    However as Mini-Me has mentioned, other people are able to put the hook up in 1955 without the game crashing.  The cause is unknown.

  3. We forgot to ship an updated handling.cfg, the line you need to update starts with COASTMAV, replace the entire line with the below:

    COASTMAV    1200.0    1.80    4.30    1.35    0.00    0.00    0.00    70    0.85    0.50    0.47    3    200.00    10.00    F    P    4.50    0.65    0    45.00    1.40    0.20    0.37    0.72    95000    0.30    -0.10    0.60    0.20    8528083    1    0