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    Hello I'm changing a little the main script I hope you like this
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    I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but I am just watching the third film, and I am on the scene were Doc is explaining his plan to Marty about pushing the DeLorean with the locomotive. Clara can be seen in the film before Marty and Doc save her. She is spotted staring at the clock that's just been carried of the train. The camera will point to her when Marty says "Right, Doc, but according to this map, there is no bridge." Easter Egg perhaps?
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    nope /forum2/ was purged when the new forum came in
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    I recall this being brought up before, in the original forums, I think. (Is that old site still up? I kinda miss it.) Clara was actually moving her head left and right, perhaps looking for the blacksmith who was supposed to pick her up. If it wasn't for Doc saving her life, she would probably be p**sed at him. lol.
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    Not only that, but the clock is showing a familiar time.