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    Hello everyone! The forums have been empty recently, so I thought I'd start a new topic that some of you guys might find interesting. So remember that old movie, Big Fat Liar (by Universal Studios). The one about Jason Shepard and how Marty Wolf (an upper-class movie director) steals his story about a boy who lies and lies and gets bigger as he does so. Well, for those of you who haven't noticed already, in this one scene (below) when Jason calls his friend, we find that she is laying down on the Back to the Future II DeLorean's hood! Let's just hope it wasn't the A Car. - Just kidding.
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    Blasphemy, I cannot believe Amanda Bynes would desicrate a DeLorean like that. I'm in tears.
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    Regardless of others' opinions on this movie though, I just thought it was cool that the DeLorean was in it. P.S. I found this movie amusing... It wasn't that bad.