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    I told you so... How can we be sure that they are even making this mod?
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    If the same question wouldn't come up every now and then, maybe it wouldn't seem so random and redundant to the bttf mod team. If one of them would say "sorry, but we currently don't have / want to show you anything", then the question will come up again anyway. Replying to this question is just a sysiphos task. Same goes for asking this.
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    We've been more then patience with this mod. They can't even be bothered to make one small little post to tell us what is in or how the mod is doing. They are letting us down.
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    Patience. this project is not their job, they are not getting payed or anything. and all of them have a personal life and work. they are doing this on their free time. but, they maybe don't wanna spend all their free time on coding and stuff when they can spend time with families and friends. but im sure they are trying to make it work whenever they can. and now are they just trying to get the mod so bug free as it can be for every code that may fix a bug, could make another bug.