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BTTF Hill Valley: Version 0.2b

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Back to the Future Hill Valley Official Release.

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  1. BTTF Hill Valley - Version 0.2b

    Installation of the update:
    -IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to Install 0.2a first.
    -Run the 0.2b Installer
    -Open up IMG Tool
    -Open gta3.img in your gtavc\models directory. Delete the following
    -Unzip and Add all of the contents of addtogta3img.zip into gta3.img
    -to install the Flying sounds, open up Flying Sounds.zip and follow the instructions inside
    -Have fun

    New Features:

    KITT (controls)
    -Autodrive: Action and Shoot
    -Scanner: lean up/down and shoot to turn on
    -Eject: lean up/down and handbrake to eject
    -Weapons: Submission to change weapons
    -Shoot to fire
    -Turbo Boost: Horn to jump (taxi boost)
    -Pursuit Mode: Hold down lean up/down to activate Pursuit Mode (only active when key is held down)
    -Super Pursuit Mode: press turret left/right to activate super pursuit mode
    -To slow down fast, hold down decelerate and handbrake

    RC Mode
    -action and sprint to activate
    -camera button to change view

    Griff's BMW Hover Mode
    -same as delorean, except turret left/right makes the car go up and turret up/down makes it go down.


    -More Delorean Model Fixes
    -RC Mode added
    -Delorean can time travel regardless if player is in the car or not
    -KITT's autodrive removed
    -KITT's keypresses changed
    -Blue explosions
    -Longer fire trails
    -Griff's BMW added

    -Delorean Model fixes
    -Time Travel changes two buildings depending on the year
    -Minutes can now be changed
    -Real Time
    -Various bug fixes
    -KITT added
    -pursuit mode and super pursuit mode
    -talking KITT
    -Some new loading screens

    -Inital Version

    Link also provided: http://files.filefront.com/Back+to+the+Fut...;/fileinfo.html



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