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      Here it is FAQs Sheet for the Mod. Soon to GROW. What is a FAQ? FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question. What order do I install the mod? 1) 0.2e auto installer - http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;showfile=35 2) UPDATE + Fix: Hill Valley Terrain Col - http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;showfile=37 3) Updated gta-vc.exe 11/11/2008 - http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;showfile=42 4) MAIN.SCM UPDATES 20081208 - http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;showfile=45 5) Map update, water level fix and car downgrader - http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;showfile=48 Installation Problems Follow the Installation Tutorial provided here: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...amp;showfile=43 When is the next version of the mod coming out? There's never a fixed date. If you don't find it announced on the News Section, don't go asking on the forums... Or else! What language is this mod made in? English, German and limited Spanish support. Can I use this mod in GTA:San Andreas? No, not with its full features. However, there currently is work on a version for GTA:San Andreas, you can find more information on it in the Other GTA Mods GTA SA: Back to the Future Mod Why didn't you make this mod for GTA:San Andreas initially? SA game engine seemed to have limitations on features essential to the mod, like particle using and their quantities while VC engine looked better to us, but now having seen what is possible we have learned a different thing. I can't see the red speedometer, the time circuits or the menus at the A+B garage. What's wrong? Your language is set incorrectly, select English or Spanish (0.2E) I want the mod to be in my native language, can I configure that? Not with the original setup, but you can download language packs from ModDB and patches from the downloads section of this site; packs and patches for Spanish and Italian languages for 0.2D are currently available. 0.2E has limited spanish support. Several cars in-game have no wheels -and wrong body-; also, when I get inside one, the name is wrong. This occurs with the time machines, too. What's happening? You installed the mod and the scripts, but didn't install the models. First, make sure your VC folder doesn't have the "Read-Only" property checked; then, in case you've used Auto Installer: Reinstall following all instructions, or use the manual/easy installer instead (0.2E has no manual installer. Use the Step-by-step guide provided in the Downloads Section). When I try installing the mod with the Auto Install, two CMD windows appear and crash. Then, when I finish the install and fire up Vice City, the game has no audio. Why? The CMD windows are both the audio-exporting and audio-importing processes needed for the installation of the mod and can't write the necessary files. Reinstall Vice City and make sure the entire folder doesn't have the "Read-Only" property checked, then proceed with the mod install. When the CMD windows come up again, DON'T CLOSE THEM. They'll close on their own. Another solution: get the SFX+Models file in the Downloads Section (0.2E has no manual installer. Use the Step-by-step guide provided in the Downloads Section). I travel through time and buildings are the same as before, is that supposed to happen? Yes, until 0.3 (when 1955 map will be completed). But note the NPC's and cars do change, as the Haitian factory and construction building. The glows on the flux dispersal coils are way out of place, they stay BEHIND the DeLorean, what should I do? Get a faster computer. The glows on the flux dispersal coils are way out of place, they stay AHEAD of the DeLorean. I have Frame Limiter disabled, what should I do? Enable Frame Limiter. The mod is coded to work at 30 FPS. Sometimes the environment or the objects around me tend to flicker or disappear and reappear repeatedly, especially when I spawn KITT (0.2D) and/or create many DeLorean time machines, what should I do? Loading many high-poly models may have caused this problem. To solve this problem, increase the streaming memory by using VC limit adjuster (click here). Can I still play Vice City's missions with the mod? No, all VC missions have been removed. Go play VC stock instead. Hey, I just got 3DSMax/Photoshop/Sketchup/BTTF DVDs/Other, can I be part of the team? No, you'll need some experience and detailed references of your work if you really want to join the team. When I installed 0.2D and started the game, KITT's scanner didn't glow or move. What happened? You need to install all the updates and patches to your game as well. It will fix that and a few other bugs. You can find the full patch in the download section of this website. Follow the instructions given in the readme that came with the patch you downloaded to learn how to install the updates into your game. I get random errors, what are they? You must have not installed the mod correctly or your computer can't handle/run the mod properly (you'll need a faster computer). Also, 0.2E has instability issues due to map changes and high-poly Future cars, a workaround is avoid going to 2010+. hopefully, this will be fixed in 0.2F Cam-Hack does not work, help me out Version 2.9 works fine on Windows XP. To make Cam-Hack work on Windows Vista, click here. Version 3.0 or higher won't work with the mod on both XP and Vista. Cam-Hack will work with versions 0.2d and below, but will no longer work (properly or not at all) with versions 0.2e and up. I downloaded 0.2D, installed it correctly, but there are no missions, is this supposed to happen? Yes, because there are NO missions in 0.2D. Trilogy missions will be implemented after a 1955 Hill Valley map is completed, in version 0.3. However, some extra missions may be coded for recent releases (0.2E, 0.2F...) Can I have a DeLorean/K.I.T.T. crossover for my 0.2E install or can you tell me how to make that? We do not offer such a crossover for download, however Mini-Me has made a tutorial on how to get K.I.T.T. from GTA Vice City: KITT Edition into BTTF:HV 0.2e, so please use this guide to try getting it in on your own and also post probable questions in that thread. Can you add the feature to see your past yourself doing what you did, if you travel back in time? And if you interfere your past self and prevent him from doing something important you did, could you cause a paradox? No, this feature is impossible to add, no matter what game we are talking about. In order to do this, we had to record every single step you do and save it, but this would require huge loads of variables and space in the memory - something we can't get. However, in missions of final versions you will be able to see the past Marty in some cases, for example the lightning run in the second movie. Here you'll be able to prevent him from getting to 1985 and cause a paradox.
    • Extra rules and regulations for feature requests

      Before posting a new feature request, lease follow these steps: Make sure the feature you want to request is not already in the mod!
      We now already had it multiple times that requests for features were made, though they already exist in the current version. Before you state your idea, please run the mod and test if what you want to happen in future not already happens now.

      Check whether the request has already been made.
      Use the forum search and check if your request already has been made. Many requests we hear at the moment already were made long time ago. Also read the Frequently asked Questions.

      Try to find a title for your topic that tells us and other forum members something about the content.
      Titles like "a little request" or "some thing I would like to see in future" are not acceptable. This way it's easier for us and other members to check what requests have been made. The same goes for the topic descriptions. Please do not add such a phrase in there, if you think the title already says enough. Remember the description is optional!

      If you have more than one request, post them into different topics.
      This also makes it easier for us and other members to check if a request already has been made/what requests have been made.

      Finally read the general Rules and Regulations and make sure if you do not break any rules of these.
      If you follow all these steps, you're on the best way to start a good conversation about your idea. Thanks, Mini-Me for the Team.


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