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      Extra rules and regulations for feature requests   11/16/15

      Before posting a new feature request, lease follow these steps:   Make sure the feature you want to request is not already in the mod!
      We now already had it multiple times that requests for features were made, though they already exist in the current version. Before you state your idea, please run the mod and test if what you want to happen in future not already happens now.
        Check whether the request has already been made.
      Use the forum search and check if your request already has been made. Many requests we hear at the moment already were made long time ago. Also read the Frequently asked Questions.
        Try to find a title for your topic that tells us and other forum members something about the content.
      Titles like "a little request" or "some thing I would like to see in future" are not acceptable. This way it's easier for us and other members to check what requests have been made.
        If you have more than one request, post them into different topics.
      This also makes it easier for us and other members to check if a request already has been made/what requests have been made.
        Finally read the general Rules and Regulations and make sure if you do not break any rules of these.   If you follow all these steps, you're on the best way to start a good conversation about your idea. Thanks, Mini-Me for the Team.
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Gta vice city BTTF mod for mobile *android or ios*

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hello,im new here,and i play vice city on my android. can somenoe can make a mobile version or theres a one

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