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  1. [GTA SA] BTTF Mini Mod and modloader?

    Is there a way to install the mod so that it can be loaded with Modloader?
  2. BTTF KR Mod for GTA San Andreas Mod is developed accordance with the following films: - Back To The Future; - Knight Rider 1982; - Knight Rider 2000; - Knight Rider 2008. Created by: - Programist (Prodelkin Anatoly). Developers: - Programist (Prodelkin Anatoly) - modeler, designer, scripter; - SKaimanS (Pervukhin Michael) - main tester; - BPS (Makhonin Slava) - tester, designer; - 88M (Sidorov Semen) - tester, offered a variety of ideas to improve the mod; - PozitivBttf (Meyrbek Tleuzhanov) - modeler; - AVP (Dmitry Dik) - offered their DeLorean models; - Castro (Paul Osipenko) - Tester; - Mr. FraN WinchesteR (Alexander Emelyanov) - Tester; - Ramin (Nicholas Nosal) - tester. Special thanks to BTTF HV Team and bluespace88 for their initial development! http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/home.html K.A.R.R. 2000 Teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZBJat5ZQAo Old build video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQXdF2mWSKM News, announcements, etc. can be found at official VK group --- PS: Mod is developed from scratch, it is not based on the BTTF SA Mini Mod and Source Code by bluespace88
  3. (i'am brazilian, so, ignore the bad english, please) I just open the game, start a new game (because if i save and load the game, it crashes), play normal, and after a few minutes... the game just crash. For been more specific, the game freezes, the Windows says the game has stopped responding, i press the esc key and i go on my workspace. I re-open it, and the same thing happen. A play for a few minutes, the game crashes. I play again, the game crash again. Please, help? (remember, i don't speak english and the web translators is a piece of s**t)
  4. Hello, i have BTTF SA Mini Mod with Source Code 20101105 and the point is, when i try to replace the DeLorean model found on bttf.img, when the game starts it crashes and i have to restore the original img (i have backup of the whole mod), the reason why i was trying to change it is because the default one looks bad, and i have the Telltale model and i want to use it. And i can change models on gta3.img
  5. Game Keep Crashing

    So I have GTA Vice City for Steam. I have installed both the 0.2f version and the update for it. It works perfectly for around 5 minutes then it randomly freezes and then an error comes up, I tried to save so everytime it crashes I could load back to where I was but then when I tried to load the file, another error comes up. Any help? (oh, and I reinstalled vice city and the problem continued)
  6. Isn't there's a way to make a mod a time machine and hill valley and the changing time?
  7. Ok guys it's me again umm lets see I got a hold of that shadowrider mod for san andreas I thought it could use some edits, I also wanted to fix/improve a few things in this too so over time I will add to this this is an unofficial edits/updates thread they will be in the form of video with an explanation of what to expect I also want feedback from people on here...so have fun as always and if things go well I might port K.A.T.T over to it UPDATE 1 30/3/2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bZHCUoar6g&feature=youtu.be added K.I.T.T's voice (old kitt's) added K.I.3.T's voice ( from the 2008 show) Added in K.A.R.R's voice Added BTTF 2 delorean with working time circuits Added flying bttf 2 delorean along with all cars can fly... the script was by BTTFModMachine and uokka also note for BTTFModMachine...I can't seem to get out of flying mode help/fix is needed man K.I.3.T C version in the game can turn into the bttf 2 delorean but it cannot time travel due to it not being spawned with the spawn code so no tc's for that delorean but it's the same one and everything that is assigned to 2 on the number line above the key's The only bug with this edit is random bleeping noises using the noises from the SA menu and cutscene time travel crashes the game on re-entry anyways that's it for update 1 stay tuned for more
  8. http://youtu.be/-LiDOqClav4 Feel free to download the video with a youtube to mp3 downloader, and use them in your game if you wish.
  9. Are there any good skin selectors that are CLEO4 compatible?
  10. Hi im new here and this is my first time with the mod. I have installed it and nothing is wrong there, I have downloaded and installed the newest source code and that went fine. When i go to start the game it just crashes. This is what i get: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: gta_sa.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 427101ca Fault Module Name: gta_sa.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 427101ca Exception Offset: 002a0050 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Data: 00000008 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 4105 Additional Information 1: d68b Additional Information 2: d68bd3b8282f5e72182bbd7e42e4d6c7 Additional Information 3: 6c49 Additional Information 4: 6c49d494190589b8dc6d7b57ccb74dfb If anybody can help me that would be great thanks!
  11. BTTF3 ReEntry Sound

    I made this for myself, but I figured I'd give it to you guys too. Anyway, this replaces the generic re-entry sound with that of BTTF 3. Just put this in your San Andreas/cleo/audio and hit yes to replace. (or convert it to .wav and rename it to band_01.wav to put it in VC:HV.) Here's the link. ---- (I extracted it myself from the movie.) Or here's a .wav version to be used in VC:HV: ---
  12. BTTF IV mod preview

    I recently found a preview video which bttf92 uploaded a month ago on youtube. Below is his preview for the BTTF: HV mod for GTA IV: Nice work to all who have been involved in the process of creating this!