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  1. Adding time travel script to a car

    How do i add a time travel script to a car other than the delorean?   Thanks in advance, N4VY
  2. [FIXED]Need Help! Sanny Builder 3

    EDIT:Nevermind I needed the original file So I am trying to change the code to BttF_DMC_Boost.cs by uokka123 and Sanny Builder 3 can't compile because there are too many "typos" which don't let me compile that file. Same with BttF_LiftOff.cs Screenshot:
  3. Need help!!

    Hello, i´m new here, i created a account because i have a problem with the BTTF SA Mod   I install the game (100% Clean), i install the mod and when i open the game, it crash.   Error message:   GTA:SA Crashed, Debug Info Follows: GTA Info: Version: US 1.0 Last File Loaded: Last Library Loaded: Error: Unknown Assembly Info: Exception At Address: 0x00000000 Exception Code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)   I´ve got the problem, i solved them (Hidden files of other GTA SA, i deleted.), but now i haven´t got any hidden file, but the game crashes. This thing happen when i use the BTTF Mod (i´m trying to install the Uokka Moddified BTTF)   Sorry for bad english, i´m Argentinian.  
  4. Need help (Plz read)

    I was playing on bttf hill valley version 3.5 (the one with the fully modeled hill valley, mall, drive in, everything) I had replicated the first time travel scene from bttf 3. I want to Sept. 02 (accidentally 3rd ) 1885 at 8:00 am. at 08:02 am at the clock tower, a delorean had came out of nowhere near the lightning wire only to find out, it was doc! I tried again recording hopefully about to catch the anomaly in time but caught nothing . Plz tell how to trigger this again.                                                                                                                                                                                     ~your partner in time, nitrogendelorean397
  5. Vice Cry and BTTF HV 2f

    Ok so have loved this mod for many years. Was wondering if there is a way to get this mod working WITH Vice Cry, as I want the updated graphics of that mod, but with the benefits of this mod as well. However after installing the game crashes on the loading screen, hanging at "loading collisions" is there a way to fix this to make these two mods work together. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work mod team.
  6. Vice Cry

    So I know this probably isn't where this belongs but not getting any help in the other sections. Been trying to get this mod to work with Vice cry, but so far to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Need Help with Setting Time Curcuits

    Hi, I'm having trouble with figuring out how to enter the Destination time with the number-pad on the keyboard. Is they're like some way to put it in order or something? Help ASAP - Gage PS: Its Version 0.2f (just in case)
  8. ok so I've converted the 0.2f models to san andreas but I now need help   in san andreas I need someone to texture the wheel opening from bttf 2 to flying bttf2 ( when you press 0 or CTRL to go into flying mode)   I also need help getting the coil glow on the models to fit (I'm using delorean88mp's mod pack and I want the coil glow to fit)   much help appreciated   also I've attached a picture of what the 0.2f bttf3 delorean looks like in san andreas ( converted by me)
  9. ok it's been a while but this time I am actually needing help you see there I have Arctic IV map mod for GTA IV and there is one of the models on it that I want to use as a car I was wondering if someone would convert the wdr to a wft Its the TARDIS from doctor who and it's the only one I found on the internet and I actually want to make it into a vehicle can someone please help? I would most like someone to convert it for me so who ever wants to do it then I'll link you to the files on my skydrive