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  1. where i can download Back To The Future : Hill Valley Mod for GTA IV ?
  2. Hello everyone! This is a WIP created entirely by me, so there are no permissions issues. Great for making movies. Look! Where we're going we don't have roads. http://youtu.be/RNHSRVWyLdQ UPDATE: I didn't want this topic to be inactive for too long, so I am posting progress updates with MEd screenshots. Notice that the roads exist in these screenshots because no texture modifications are made: UPDATE 1: UPDATE 4: Added McFly Farm House FULL RELEASE: Yay! http://youtu.be/1QbBV88Vgm8 DOWNLOAD: http://goo.gl/ia9l4E Thanks to LoadGamePL for help with MapEditor. Also, big thanks to Delorean88MP and TranceLikeState! See you in San Andreas, or in MapEditor, or 1885... -BTTFModMachine
  3. [GTA SA] BTTF Mini Mod and modloader?

    Is there a way to install the mod so that it can be loaded with Modloader?
  4. Back to the Future 0.2f lags on my computer, but the GTA Vice City not lags. My computer: VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP integrated video card 2.67 GhZ processor 1 GB RAM 64 MB Video memory.   GTA Vice City not lags, because the System Requirements allowed. What the System requirements of the BTTF 0.2f mod? And the 0.2e R2 not lags too.
  5. Game Keep Crashing

    So I have GTA Vice City for Steam. I have installed both the 0.2f version and the update for it. It works perfectly for around 5 minutes then it randomly freezes and then an error comes up, I tried to save so everytime it crashes I could load back to where I was but then when I tried to load the file, another error comes up. Any help? (oh, and I reinstalled vice city and the problem continued)
  6. BTTF:HV for GTA IV ?

    where i can find BTTF:HV for GTA IV with hill valley map ?
  7. Mad Max The Road Warrior for GTA Sa

    The project which tells us about the life of Max Rokatanski, police in the distant future, lose everything.  
  8. Isn't there's a way to make a mod a time machine and hill valley and the changing time?
  9. All Delorians 3D Model Required

    Hi Guys, Can Anyone Give me 3D Models of All Time machine delorians. From BTTF: The Game. Thanks For Reading. 
  10. Ok guys it's me again umm lets see I got a hold of that shadowrider mod for san andreas I thought it could use some edits, I also wanted to fix/improve a few things in this too so over time I will add to this this is an unofficial edits/updates thread they will be in the form of video with an explanation of what to expect I also want feedback from people on here...so have fun as always and if things go well I might port K.A.T.T over to it UPDATE 1 30/3/2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bZHCUoar6g&feature=youtu.be added K.I.T.T's voice (old kitt's) added K.I.3.T's voice ( from the 2008 show) Added in K.A.R.R's voice Added BTTF 2 delorean with working time circuits Added flying bttf 2 delorean along with all cars can fly... the script was by BTTFModMachine and uokka also note for BTTFModMachine...I can't seem to get out of flying mode help/fix is needed man K.I.3.T C version in the game can turn into the bttf 2 delorean but it cannot time travel due to it not being spawned with the spawn code so no tc's for that delorean but it's the same one and everything that is assigned to 2 on the number line above the key's The only bug with this edit is random bleeping noises using the noises from the SA menu and cutscene time travel crashes the game on re-entry anyways that's it for update 1 stay tuned for more
  11. I Think I mentioned this in another topic, but it was on topic so, I am wondering if anyone has knows about someone named Programist who made modifications the BTTF SA 0.3.2 code and added more features such as all the DeLoreans and improved effects, a teleport code that lets you teleport to in the timecircuits.cs (which I myself am trying to figure out how to make usable on all DeLoreans),a Railroad mission, RC DeLoreans, etc. It also has K.I.T.T and C.A.R.R. I got it from here: http://bttf-sg-mod.ucoz.ru/load/back_to_the_future/source_code_for_gta_sa/sourse_code_01_03_2012/8-1-0-349 It also looks a lot like Delorean88MP's All DeLorean Add-ons mod.
  12. Codename: HVMapGTA Good day! I would like to start a project codenamed: HVMapGTA. My goal is to make map just like in the movies! Yes I fully understand that it will take some time to actually re-create everything in movie! But heres the most fun part. Since San Andreas already has desert area, which could be made into BTTF3 movie, most of the work is done, all need to do is to change roads and other stuff. I will try to get permission from Trance to use his HillValley map into my project. I will keep you posted as the progress grows, but be warned it will not be BAM, map done. It will take sevral months and if anyone is interested helping me to make this project, please comment below! Please note that the development of this map will not be very fast, since my school starts after 1 week, and I will be busy with personal and school life. Tools that I will use to create this map: IMG Tool San Andreas Map Editor. TXD Workshop. Other recourses like objects and stuff. Greetings from Hill Valley, California! See you in future!........ Or the past? Lil update on things! I will be using 3 san andreas areas as BTTF years. Los Santos will be replaced by 1955, 1985 and 1985 Alternative. San Fierro with 2015 HV. Las Venturas with 1885 HV. I might be using some part of SF as 1985 or 55 map. Im going to use these already done maps in my project: HV 2015 Map author: kal-el5676 http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=8970 Tell Tale 1931 Hill Valley http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=20136 Same author.
  13. GTA SA other bttf?

    Ok so about a year ago there was a mod for gta sa containing 4 DeLoreans, I have googled and found none Basically it was a modified version of what we have today, Press 1 to Spawn bttf 1 2 for bttf 2 3 for btt3 4 for bananas They had a sort of high res texture If you know of this mod/creator please link me to it (only with permission pls )
  14. Are there any good skin selectors that are CLEO4 compatible?
  15. Ok guys this is a dedicated thread for updates on my K.A.T.T edit for San andreas Have fun everyone and when it gets to a stage of an actual release I will ask permission to release I will not put a download link without permission from the people I got the scripts from I of course edited scripts and a texture to make K.A.T.T I reworked the texture I made a custom voice for K.A.T.T as of now K.A.T.T has almost no weapons now what does K.A.T.T feature? A garage to make DeLorean time machines Flying mode Nuclear bomb Time circuits Pursuit mode ( makes him go really fast) Turbo boost ( makes him jump high) A voice A re-fillable Mr fusion Night vision it also features the bttf 1 and III and Railroad DeLorean along with the time train Rogers locamotive to push the railroad Delorean Custom texture so here we go for today then hmm 26/03/2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88wgz0q5Hdw Fixed the time machines so they time travel added time train and rogers locamotive added garage scripts and edits by myself, Delorean88MP and BTTFModMachine Texture re edit by me K.A.T.T voice by me I forgot who I got the Crysis DeLoreans from * edit* I am cutting out SPM mode altogether it is just too much hassle to make a model then figure out how to texture it ***** UPDATE 02/04/2014***** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qMu6SbAXlo&feature=youtu.be ( Video is only a preview) New texture for K.A.T.T Movie accurate effects Movie accurate flying ( Thanks uokka) Now includes ALL DeLoreans 1-3rr K.I.T.T scanner for K.A.T.T more to come...any help is appreciated and you will be credited **** UPDATE 02/07/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMmxDbLZrdQ Time circuits AND time travel enabled for the time train Doctor who TARDIS sfx for teleport to marker script note : can someone help me with the sound problem for the time train thanks ****UPDATE 04/07/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n6oOlEh4Hs You can now spawn all the DeLoreans using the numberline ranging from 1 - 6, number 1 - 4 are for the movie DeLoreans 5 is for the time train and 6 is for KATT All DeLoreans minus the RR DeLorean can time travel at 88 MPH Time Train sounds fixed (sorta) the door sounds are still DeLorean but sparks sounds do not loop like last time thanks to BTTFModMachine for the help on that one Teleport to marker with TARDIS sfx mapped only to KATT something I forgot to mention is that the boost sounds and the take off sounds are way too low for some reason all Time circuits in this has a multi function mode where you can fly (cheat code version) and float on water (cheat code version) I won't be able to use it till the time circuits are fixed and don't crash when I press 0 on the num pad...it activates an old script and tries to turn any Del into the sparrow if someone wants to help feel free to edit the script...just ask for it **** UPDATE 12/07/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaLnSfpLVII New sparks for K.A.T.T Fixed the 0 on the num pad glitch ( thanks to uokka) Added 2nd flying mode for K.A.T.T Added float on water added fly and float on water as an all in one option Fixed the TARDIS (optional thing) removed night vision mode (it was a weird thing) thanks to DeLorean88mp, uokka, BTTFModMachine and everyone who helped with this **** UDATE 23/07/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG9ikH7O5kU&feature=youtu.be Removed secondary flight and swimming modes Applied patch so cars do not float away when hit Fixed SFX for pursuit mode and turbo boost bugs with certain sound SFX Each DeLorean used by a different character **** UDATE 29/07/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ceyOi1KrCs New sparks and implosion wormhole for K.A.T.T ( More orange over blue) New wormhole Exit, yellow, blue then yellow updated the sparks and effects on bttf 3 delorean off topic stuff TARDIS now materialises in front of player TARIDS can teleport to the marker on the map TARDIS can teleport randomly to any location and time gives out sonic screw driver on entry proper sfx for TARDIS in flight TARDIS thrusts forward at max speed with the push of the left mouse button **** UPDATE 6/08/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt47EPa_7Jo Gave K.A.T.T a colour changing wormhole merged K.A.T.T with Delorean88mp's mod pack added uokka's flying script all of this came from a failure yesterday so I'm happy its all working **** UDATE 11/08/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wbBc2Q2rwI&feature=youtu.be ok to start your mondays off here is a little K.A.T.T update :3 whats in it this time? K.I.T.T K.A.R.R Telltale bttf 2 delorean green wormhole (without editing the effects.fxp) unforunatly its for all Deloreans that use a wormhole implosion the white boxes when you turn on KITT's scanner needs some work KARR's version needs work too Thanks to BTTF KR mode team for KITT and KARR... I can't figure out how to make their buttons appear on screen also if anyone from that modding team reads this please do fix the amazing lag in the game please <3 its a great mod pack but a lot of bugs **** UPDATE 16/08/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-gS0uR8S88 New wormholes for Deloreans 1 through RR Green wormhole for K.A.T.T More interface stuff for K.I.T.T A little bit of interface stuff for K.A.R.R K.I.T.T and K.A.R.R have protect mode so they will follow you and can be activated at the same time ( by getting into each car and activating it ) BTTF1 delorean has white smoke pass by after entering the worm hole All DeLoreans including K.A.T.T has their engine turned off after time travel ( it is turned on again by holding down i ) **** UPDATE 19/08/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFLuG--l58Y Ok this update is coming in late because the site went down A second BTTF3 RR delorean assigned to 1 on the number line Programists train script ported to K.A.T.T mod pack There are a few bugs in this like the trains new model not actually touching the RR del in the mini mission the RR del doesn't always time travel at 88MPH and when marty says 70 its not synched up with the spedonetre ( might be because I am using delorean88mp's spedometer **** UPDATE 02/09/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei8_ivaqDDk Hoverboard (script by puma and model by someone else) Crysis bttf 1 DeLorean Iced up DeLorean ( thanks to uokka) Lybians and new plutonium location Docs garage and house by loadgamePL New smoke effect when you cutscene timetravel via bttf 1 delorean **** UPDATE 07/09/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGNXgPGECyc I've got a lot planned for you in this episode now whats in this episode? keep in mind I broke the game so I had to re-build...not bad eh? Dell KARR New dmc 12 delorean from forza motorsport 3 with the engine sounds from the delorean in Gran turismo on the psp New spawn options for: K.A.T.T BTTF1 delorean BTTF2 delorean just ignore the sound glitches it happens KATT and KARR both have scanners ( KATT's one is a mistake so he has 2 scanners) BTTF1 delorean stays cold for much longer like in the movie the other deloreans minus the BTTF1 delorean have their cold.s files restored to what they were before **** UDATE 28/09/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZjIyBVGvQI&feature=youtu.be sorry its been a while but I took time off to catch up on anime, manga etc etc and my music remixes :3 whats new? New shade of yellow for K.A.R.R's coils New Mr fusion chamber for K.A.R.R Whole new interior for K.A.T.T New coil colour for K.A.T.T ( two tone black over red) A slightly re-textured Teltale delorean ( note for BTTFModMachine and uokka and trance it only looks stainless steel in the shadows and away from sunlight) Removed K.A.T.T's scanner and the same for K.A.R.R I know there is no implosion for the BTTF2 del but it will get fixed soon enough I need to re-add the comet RR del spawn code for the train mini mission thing I removed K.A.T.T's scanner and K.A.R.R's scanner along with their knight rider abilities on the basis it majorly glitched out, you'd press + to turn on the time circuits AND the scanner along with its abilities....yeah...will work on that **** UPDATE 24/10/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g7OaEQrAig&feature=youtu.be Ok so you guys know the site was down which stopped me from updating my mod update thread but I have been handy at work re-building the mod pack on this new pc A list of new features K.A.T.T has new coils K.A.R.R has a new timetravel script ( with new effects) I introduce the A.I.M car as my test time machine from the A.I.M mod pack K.A.T.T has his nuclear bomb back K.A.T.T and K.A.R.R have turbo boost K.A.R.R has a new set of handling and ide lines A.I.M and K.A.R.R have bi-directional wheels, when you handbrake the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels I introduce the crysis BTTF3 and BTTF3 RR deloreans with hoverboards inside them Doctor who daleks replace the rhino tanks **** UPDATE 16/11/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnD8yyx2ing Hey guys I took a hiatus because I re-built this mod pack again but this time I used modloader as to minimise the bugs. Thank uokka for the tip ok so what's new? I've got a color mod installed so that the red and other colors will shine in the sunlight There is a guard tower next to the hanger in the airstrip new sparks for all deloreans using sparks.s new spark sounds for K.A.T.T. new spark sounds for the A.I.M test time machine skin selector is back....yay? the game would crash instantly as soon as I tried to switch skins but not anymore turbo boost and its sound is back (it used to be silent and other commands used it for no reason the TARDIS makes a return changed K.A.T.T.'s implosion to large explosion I hope you guys and gals and timelords/time ladies enjoy this not long till a download O_O should I just rar it all up or make it into a torrent?? **** UPDATE 10/12/2014**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2_fFteSgUU&feature=youtu.be added a download link to the mod pack added tommy lu's updated TARDIS (not included in the pack, an older one is included) new TARDIS de-materialization sound ( from tommylu's update and then edited by me) replaced the train script back too delorean88mp's **** UPDATE 01/01/2015**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KakRQd9jgp0 its an unofficial update but I've ported K.A.T.T over to the A.I.M mod pack he has a new look, taking over the bttf 1 time machine ( I can't recolour the crysis deloreans properly due to one texture covering a lot of things) he has all the same stuff as before but the time travel is much more simplified (from the A.I.M pack) just push a single button and go dual mini guns that fire he can hover he can sort of fly and I show off tommylu's new TARDIS and stuff **** UPDATE 08/01/2015**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqHYYmESVPQ I mess around with some skins K.A.T.T has his SPM mode back (with a lovely animation that only adds pieces to the car and does not switch to another model) in the way that I have always wanted. I fixed all the coils for the BTTF 1 delroean through too RR delorean when the coils lit up their used to be a solid blue colour inside the coils well I removed that so the coils only glow in all the time machines I re-textured san andreas, new map etc etc added an updated version of tommylu's TARDIS into my pack with k9, psychic paper etc also if you download tommylu's current doctor who pack make sure to put it into a clean install and update cleo, I can't use all of the features due to me running cleo anyways I think thats it, please enjoy ****UPDATE 13/02/2015**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH_rJU8embM its been a while cuz I've been ill.....I hate being ill I've brought back programmists code for KITT and KARR and I will not distribute it either I've re-named the deloreans in docs garage I've added text to the blank selection boxes when spawning in K.A.T.T and Delo K.A.R.R I think thats it have fun ****UPDATE 22/06/2015**** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOrShaJo3zc ok I've been away for too long..... but I'm back I've made a version of deloK.A.R.R based off his season 3 build both deloK.A.R.R's have time circuits and abilities removed SPM from K.A.T.T
  16. ok it's been a while but this time I am actually needing help you see there I have Arctic IV map mod for GTA IV and there is one of the models on it that I want to use as a car I was wondering if someone would convert the wdr to a wft Its the TARDIS from doctor who and it's the only one I found on the internet and I actually want to make it into a vehicle can someone please help? I would most like someone to convert it for me so who ever wants to do it then I'll link you to the files on my skydrive
  17. GTA San Andreas: BTTF The Ride

    Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to convert The Ride mission from SCM VC to CLEO SA. Maybe some of us can come together on this? See you in the future! -BTTFModMachine
  18. Excuse me please, I would like to know how to transform models google sketchup (. skp) in a model gta vice city (. dff and. txd)
  19. Air Bud GTA Mod

    Hey guys I've been really thinking about making a mod on one of my most favorite movies, Air Bud. I think this is a really good mod to do because many times I've played GTA just wishing to do it in an Air Bud way. It will hopefully be a full conversion mod for GTA IV. Wish me luck on it. Main Features: 1) Buddy as the main character. 2) A full map of Washington State. 3) Custom Air Bud Skins. 4) Air Bud Missions, including "Escaping Norman Snively" 5) Many Air Bud Unlockables. Coming Soon to GTA
  20. Sersorroza's BTTF Mod

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.gta4-mods.com/script/back-to-the-grand-theft-auto-ultimate-mod-10-f24029
  21. The beta version of animations Truck and skin Marty for gta sa converted from GTA IV This mod will not be published! loans to model the van belongs to the authors 0.2е please comment on
  22. BTTF IV mod preview

    I recently found a preview video which bttf92 uploaded a month ago on youtube. Below is his preview for the BTTF: HV mod for GTA IV: Nice work to all who have been involved in the process of creating this!
  23. BTTF Sa Delorean's Spawn script by Dark_Messiah. Hello guys! This is my first post here I guess, and I really love BTTF movies and fantastic GTA mods! So I decided to make my own small addon, for Webmaster2015 aka BTTFModMachines mods. I made so you can spawn all Deloreans with simple press of button! All credits goes to Mike for making BTTF Mini mod BTTFModMachine for awesome re-make Delorean88MP for making the base mod edits, and Deloreans Thanks to guy who made the Delo.K.I.T.T model. And of course thanks to bttfhillvalley.co.uk for hosting amazing mods! Once you download these scripts, extract them and there will be instructions. Nothing complicated! Requirements for making scripts run properly. Go here and read everything: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=4062 Also theres a bug/feature, when you spawn DMC 12, youre going to have TimeCircuits, yeah since I modified time_help.cs I have no Idea how to remove the TC from DMC 12. Maybe someone knows! Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/om49u3ti9aol751/spawn_deloreans.rar ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heres mods that I recommend: This mod lets you rename every GTA Vehicle, and comes in fancy colors Click the link for more info! http://zazmahall.de/ZAZGTASANATORIUM/zazmoddat00100/Custom_Vehicle_Name_Display.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :Permissions: Following users may post my mod to theirs website, if they provide link to my mods post, and they give credit to me that I made it. PozitiVBttF