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  1. Have you installed BTTF SA and saw all the links taken down by BTTFModMachine?No offense. Here are the revived updates but only the early ones that were uploaded by Abdullah Basit24 Files:https://mega.nz/#F!qBw1yDyJ!2SGPsKDX04IPAiKu2LPngg (Note:You need to install this first and don't install teleport script timecircuits!) Anyway back to the point, the BTTF 4 DeLorean got deleted and you can't install it so I made some scripts and code to revive it! Files: https://goo.gl/H7VuLX New Features: 0.1: Added Blue DeLorean (by Olivercomet) (You don't say) 0.2: Blue telltale wormhole and garage.cs file but not spawnable by garage if you select BTTF4 the game will crash 0.21: Added TellTale DeLorean by SnakeGTAMods 0.3 :Seperated code, please reinstall again the cleo scripts as I seperated them, also borrowed the code from BTTFKR vent.s but it does not play the audio If someone knows how to edit audiostream command correctly in .cs and .s scripts, please tell me Controls: Spawn BTTF 4 with RShift and N The mod is in really early beta so no garage spawn nor TP scripts. I need helpers.
  2. Need help (Plz read)

    I was playing on bttf hill valley version 3.5 (the one with the fully modeled hill valley, mall, drive in, everything) I had replicated the first time travel scene from bttf 3. I want to Sept. 02 (accidentally 3rd ) 1885 at 8:00 am. at 08:02 am at the clock tower, a delorean had came out of nowhere near the lightning wire only to find out, it was doc! I tried again recording hopefully about to catch the anomaly in time but caught nothing . Plz tell how to trigger this again.                                                                                                                                                                                     ~your partner in time, nitrogendelorean397
  3. Can you update the mod in 0.2f v2 version because to update like Mission, BTTF The Ride, DMC 13 Time Machine, Kitt and Karr, DMC 12 Time Machine with Teleport mode like same car from BTTF 2 delorean, Gold Delorean, Black Delorean, Red Delorean, Blue Delorean, Blue DMC 12 Time Machine with Teleport Please update in 0.2f.  
  4. This is the download of my Personal delorean this is link of delorean Link removed don't ask permission or anything -Leaf
  5. So the DeLorean is coming back into production for the first time since 1982! &nbsp Will definitely be an interesting car with a modern 300+ hp engine than the PRV V-6 the original came with.  
  6. Flying models lighting

    Hi all, in the last couple of days I played with coronas and such on flying models. The result is a small** 'lightings pack' for 0.2f. Obviously the BTTF2 DeLorean and HV 2015 police car show the new effects. It's fun, I admit. Download FlyLighting2_for_02fR1_Update1.zip **not so small as before*** ***just kidding EDIT: Version 3: Refined code (for me at least !) minor bugs fixed and something little added here and there corrected how-to-install file few camera tweaks added when flying (read the how-to-install file) turn signals: animated gif 1 animated gif 2 (why not a vid?!) Pics:
  7. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    There is it! From Forza Motorsport 4, HQ Model of Stock Delorean!  But, wait. there is more! Sorry For Low Quality Images. You Can Download it From GTAinside : Direct Link Have Fun!
  8. [REL/VC/PROGRESS] HQ Deloreans!

    Hi Guys, I Want to share this with you, finally i found a HQ Model of all deloreans. it will be for GTA Vice City Only! Hope You like The HQ BTTF1 Model (Other Deloreans Soon!)
  9. New DeLorean

    The new DeLorean is no Einstein why? Do with Einstein option to be able to choose the garage I'm sorry for my bad english
  10. I'm just going to leave this here:   HO Scale 4-6-0 No. 131 Locomotive & Delorean on Rails from BTTF for sale!   Watch the video on the page
  11. Hi. It's been a while since the last time I posted something here in the forums. I decided to give 0.2f a try and I'm really enjoying it with my brother. Great work guys! I know there are some bugs to squash, but I wanted to show you what just happened to me. I've been trying to do the lightning run in Nov 12 1955 at 10:04 P.M. but the game crashes as the lightning strikes the Clocktower. So, I decided to try with the RC just to see if it worked, and it did! Luck? I don't know. But after that I got this: As you can see, the hook model that appears after the DeLorean is gone is missing. Also, when the car appears, it still has the hook attached. Dunno if this was acknowledged before, but I hope this can be addressed in the next release. Thanks for your attention. -Carlos  
  12. Telltale Part 1 and 3 DeLorean

    I am currently working on a Telltale BTTF 1 and 3 DeLorean for those of you who like the Telltale model. Help with Textures would be nice since i am not that good in that area.
  13. Lamborghini Time Machine

    So far this is what i have, i will add the flux bands tomorrow, and if all goes well, release it. I probably wont add time circuits to it, although i did add a flux capacitor to it.
  14. If you use the remote control to send the BTTF3 DeLorean to another time, the game will freeze and you will get an "unhandled exception" message.
  15. Crysis Deloreans in BTTF: San Andreas

    Hello out there! I recently discovered a download to the BTTF 1-3R Crysis Deloreans for BTTF:SA and have been retexturing them to make other ones. The Crysis BTTF 1-3R link: http://disk.yandex.com/public/?hash=IOijmw1eYba5WVQ8W0nTeInzahpQRjRzkhWUXNJ7Kh0%3D I have already done: KITT (Delorean Edition) with sounds and weapons DELOKARR with sounds and weapons Blue Delorean All modified deloreans I currently have can time travel. Hahaha. I am not currently using bullet.txd or dff! Mods shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5KMLBuOkCY&feature=share&list=UUPCQoRPG6CcbIb56bts4JyA To view this video in 720p HD, follow this link and select 720p quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5KMLBuOkCY&feature=c4-overview&list=UUPCQoRPG6CcbIb56bts4JyA UPDATE: 12/20/13: Removed the Crysis Mr. Fusion and added the Telltale Mr. Fusion. Now, doesn't that look a whole lot better? Credits go to TranceLikeState for the converted Telltale Mr. Fusion. Credits go to vc_kamehameha for his bananas edits. I just edited them for the BTTF2 Crysis and the DELOKARR. Big thanks go out to RobertBlox, uokka, and PozitiVBttF for helping me fix the model. I will not be releasing these to anyone, because of permissions issues. See you in the future...or in Crysis...or in SA...or somewhere... -BTTFModMachine
  16. GTA SA other bttf?

    Ok so about a year ago there was a mod for gta sa containing 4 DeLoreans, I have googled and found none Basically it was a modified version of what we have today, Press 1 to Spawn bttf 1 2 for bttf 2 3 for btt3 4 for bananas They had a sort of high res texture If you know of this mod/creator please link me to it (only with permission pls )
  17. Script editing help

    ok it has been years since I have touched code for GTA in general but this call for help is san andreas I have the latest back to the future mod for sa off this website with the source code 20101105 I noticed that their are .s files in with the .cs scripts I was wondering how do you go about opening the .s scripts, I know they are triggered by .cs I think so what program could I use to open them... I want to give more cars time circuits etc etc any help will be appreciated
  18. Not sure if there was a thread on the Diamond Select DeLorean's. But I wanted to share some photos of mine I recently got. BTTF I (With Hook modifcation), BTTF 3 White Wall, and Rail Road are also avalible. Mr Fusion's top is removable. But I tested if it would fit bakc in the box with it on. It does. So It's safe to glue the top part onto the car. Pros: - It's large. 13 inches long. And to scale with a 4 inch figurine. - Lighting system is nice. Main time travel lights, front lights, dashboard, Time Circuits, Flux Capacitor, rear lights, and boosters all light up. Though bootsters are red instead of yellow. - Tires are real rubber. - Comes with all stock BTTF I SFX's and hover mode SFX's - Trunk lid, and both gull wing doors open. Cons: - No lights always on mode. - Mr Fusion doesn't open. - All the DMC name brands aren't on the car. Fans have made decals to add these on. - The rear deck is missing key details because the sound button is there. - No stand to use for Hover Mode. - Some details on the Dashboard like the 50's clock is missing. - Cabling on the outside is all black. - Turning signal lights are missing - The different hue front light area wasn't done. - SFX's have a pitch problem and sound slow.
  19. Sersorroza's BTTF Mod

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.gta4-mods.com/script/back-to-the-grand-theft-auto-ultimate-mod-10-f24029
  20. What did John DeLorean think of Back to the Future and how his car was was modified? Personally, a DMC-12 just seems naked without the addition of a flux capacitor, time circuits, Fusion Genertaor, coils, and vents
  21. I don't know if you guys saw this video : Looks like they did an amazing job on the A-Car