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  1. Is this for real? A BttF 10-part series on Netflix?

    April fools joke on april 2nd
  2. Fixed. Just needed a fresh installation
  3. When I start it goes to loading just fine until loading collision, is it? Then it freezes and when I alt tab out it says 'unhandled exception (numbers and letters)' I installed 0.2f over the steam version that had 0.2e on it, but don't go into serious detail to help me as I am currently reinstalling vc on steam to see if it will work then.
    Everything before this was awesome. I loaded up the game and it gets to loading collision? then freezes. I know this mod is great, but for now I have to stick with outdated 0.2e
  4. Movie-Accurate-Ish BTTF3 Delorean Startup Sound

    Sorry for the really bad bump. but could you revive the link?
  5. Place to find all sounds?

    I know discussions haven't been touched in a while, but I want to find a download link that works now in 2016 or an extraction tool. There was a discussion on this but all the links are dead.