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  1. ilufir's modelling topic

    Also improved the GTA IV Marty model. It has an UGLY face but I can't make heads, so DUH. But it also works as a default player model (it has a single texture, so YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN SKINS!)
  2. ilufir's modelling topic

    Also I made some Doc models from 2015 and 1885. 2015 one also has a glasses version and is a ready  in-game model.
  3. ilufir's modelling topic

    Okay, setting up the materials for the car before it goes UTLRAMEGAHIGHPOLY. 
  4. Torrented VC crashes

    Just disable DEP for the gta-vc.exe. YAR HARRR. Torrents are forever. Google the DEP.
  5. Windows 7, torrented (totally clean, no mods, 1.0 and stuff)  
  6. Can't enter time in curcuits and can't even see the display.When I hold the keys for like 4-5 seconds i hear the sounds, but even with time circuits on there are no dates or anything like that. Language English, Frame Limiter Enabled.