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  1. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Thank You! 
  2. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    I All Ready Know That ! I just want to share with you this mods, that's all  Are we cool?
  3. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    I Think you are saying in your mind "This stupid user is annoying, i tried to make his inderstand that we don't need his stupid Forza models. i wish he could get banned from this forum. and never come back" So, You have what you ask. Take Care Guys!
  4. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    OK, The Admin is Here. i think this is the end guys 
  5. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    All Modders in This Planet (99% of them) don't make models, they just convert them  @Carlos85G Give me specific characteristics of the Stock BTTF Delorean, I Want to Try to make one (From Forza Model)
  6. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    What do you mean? i convert them to GTA Vice City. 
  7. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Use Memory Stream Fix.  @Carlos85G @timetrain @Mini-Me I'm Nice, But stop hating my models. i said the truth, @Carlos85G Models are not 100% Correct and they are look cartoonish.  
  8. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    How old are you? 21? The model that have 1mb in dff is Good? HQ must be more than 9mb in dff and HD Textures. I don't have any problem with runing HQ Models in my i7 Laptop. And also my models are ripped from Forza (LOD0) They Have at least 9mb in dff. if you have a problem with loading, you should use stream memory fix, change it to 128 and see. You are in the present. but the Future is mine. Take care Mr. Timecat
  9. [REL/VC/PROGRESS] HQ Deloreans!

    1. The Author is UNKNOWN! 2. HQ, Because it's better that your team delorean.     
  10. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    First, I'm not proud to be with you, in mod team. because all models are outdated ( i think you need to use the time machine and travel to 2015 and see the HQ World, Hello? any body home? Think ~Leaf~, Think ). Second, i just want to share with you this models, i don't want them to be in mod ( as i said " I'm not proud to be with you, in mod team" ). I'm going anyway, i just want to see how people in 1955. i'm going back to my home 2015, wait a min! i need plutonium to back to the future!   
  11. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    I inderstand That i'm not welcome here, good bye. but i will share my own deloreans in GTAinside. And i notice that wheel bumping level in deloreans ( GTA Vice City ) is too high. Keep the good work! 
  12. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    I Have the Studebaker Lark 1959 And Studebaker VIP 1947. AMC i don't think so.
  13. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Wait a Min! you say that "does it fit to our needs?, because it needs to be gray interior, black lettering on the rear bumper and sills, no DMC logo in the headrests, GoodYear Eagle GT tires, no visible exhaust tails... and it needs the time machine variations" I can make what you say, let's take the challenge! Give me one week ( Because i don't have mutch free time ). and you will see  Stop being angry !  
  14. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Carlos Cars Are Not 100% Correct ! And There is [Forza Delorean] [TDU Delorean] [GT6 Delorean] There is a lot of deloreans models. GTA Community stop using scratch models from 2008. Hello? any body home? Think Mike, Think! Try It And Then See The difference. I'm Sure that i'm the winner 
  15. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    There is it! From Forza Motorsport 4, HQ Model of Stock Delorean!  But, wait. there is more! Sorry For Low Quality Images. You Can Download it From GTAinside : Direct Link Have Fun!