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  1. Hello, the mod BTTF: lc 1.1B is fantastic really amazing but I had some problems i have some problem with missing collision in 1.1B Some objects can be pierced Instead when my character is dead helmet indefinitely,and there is a building "Dr.Emmett Brown enterprise" which is suspended in the air   here some screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/utdc50blz/ http://postimg.org/image/a5e67eyk1/ http://postimg.org/image/o874o1fd5/ http://postimg.org/image/qcvrhwvzf/  
  2. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    wow great
  3. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    ok thanks
  4. 0.2f models for GTA SA

      more or less knows what features will or when it will release?  
  5. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    WOW thanks for the quick response fantastic! so you will continue the mod for gta san Andreas?  sorry my bad english 
  6. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    I can wait small question: which models will convert exactly? (I hope the doc truck with animations also :D) the interior of the Delorean will be animated? I hope that you will continue the mini-mod gta san andreas ...
  7. Back to the Future: A long time ago.

    Wow great video!
  8. GTA San Andreas: BTTF The Ride

    I was thinking about myself and I tried to do it but I had difficulty in converting and did not know how to do.let me know if you have news. Sorry.   Good Luck!!!