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  1. Maxo's Vehicle Loader for Vice City

    Can this help the mod in any way?
  2. Update on the Mod Team Interview

    Listening to the parts of the interview, I encounter the same problem: I don't understand what are you saying. I hope you can do what I suggested earlier
  3. Update on the Mod Team Interview

    Well, i guess this inteview will worth the wait!
  4. Interview Questions

    Is there any way that you can write down the answers to the questions and post them with the audio interview? Because my english isn't very good, and sometimes is hard for me to understand what are you saying.
  5. Interview Questions

    To the entire team: Who is the member who has worked the most? And who's the oldest member of the team that continues developing it?
  6. Part 1 Delorean in 1885 Question.

    Easy, you don't.
  7. GTA under Linux

    Did blue released the Linux version?
  8. I have never heard of Telltale before, I just don't know where they came from.
  9. Mike's promised video

    It doesn't depends on how many things you write, it depends on how many times you visit the forum. I, for example, almost never coment on anything, but that doesn't mean that I never visit the forum.
  10. Mike's promised video

    Instead of making that video, Mike should update this topic: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...?showtopic=1597
  11. The flux capacitor and time travel

    I smell a very large angelo's answer...
  12. Why don't you make a vid where we can see it in game?
  13. SA BTTF Mod 0.1.X Development

    I don't understand your point.
  14. SA BTTF Mod 0.1.X Development

    I actually asked that because i was gone the whole week.
  15. SA BTTF Mod 0.1.X Development

    Any updates?