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  1. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    OK, then, @Blue_Flash, now that the dust has settled, I think I can try to make a quick list for the requirements of the stock DeLorean... 1981 model. Hood with grooves, without gas flap or ornamental logo (I'm not talking about the logo on the black grill). No radio antenna hole. Black lettering on rear bumper and sills (I'm talking about the black plate where you step). Gray interior without stitched logo. Manual transmission. No front license plate. (Optional) No floormats. (Optional) GoodYear Eagle GT tires. It would be preferable if the DeLorean had a California license plate, to show it's an actual vehicle registered in the United States, and not just a showcase model. Then, the changes before adding the time machine parts. (Mandatory) Remove the floormats. (Mandatory) GoodYear Eagle GT tires. Remove the rear cargo net. Remove both engine covers. Remove the rear windows: the one on the back and the two on the rear fenders. Remove the passenger-side seatbelt, but leave the seatbelt lock. Remove the center armrest, center power window buttons and courtesy cigarrette lighter to replace them for a steel plate, where you'll only add the two power window buttons and the cigarrette lighter, as close as possible to the shifter (check for references about the precise location). Remove the rearview mirror from the windshield, but leave the piece where it was fixed to the windshield. Lower the front suspension (look for references to get the correct height).   That's what I can get off the top of my head. About making all the time machine parts: you will have to make the research. There are plenty of references online, you will just have to find them. And remember, the DeLorean should be a time machine, not just a movie prop, so you will have to think about the changes that are not obvious or not in plain sight.
  2. Airboat DeLorean

    Noice. Thanks, @Mini-Me
  3. Airboat DeLorean

    Wasn't the cheats engine removed to get more features?
  4. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Finally, the cat is out of the bag... 1) We (at least timetrain and me) do not hate your models. We simply do not find them useful. 2) Converting models does not make them yours (specially if it is without the author's consent). It is your conversion work, but not your model.
  5. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Another nice Ad-Hominem I changed my italics to underline, to make the emphasys more obvious. Keep it nice, please...  
  6. [REL/VC/PROGRESS] HQ Deloreans!

    The author is Tirido. Do your research, please. http://www.tirido.com/delorean-time-machine-for-crysis--crysis-wars.html delorean88us asked him for permission several years ago. http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/2477-crysis-delorean-in-sa/ Tirido's post from the same thread: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/2477-crysis-delorean-in-sa/&page=3#comment-46029 His new DeLorean 2.0 looks amazing; maybe you should ask him for permission when he releases his new version. "HQ" does not always imply higher poly count, although his DeLoreans are beautiful. Are you defining "HQ" as "I like it very very much"? You should read what he says in his DeLorean 2.0 site: it wasn't as accurate as it should have been and that's why he's making a new one. It's like something we would do... and did. PS: I apologize if anyone gets a message trying to edit the posts or trying to reply. I moved the topics, but changed my mind and moved them back.
  7. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Say hi to Queen Diana for me, and I've heard Vietnam is a great place for surfing.   I think this is where I'm going to draw the line. ______________ Please, stay on topic about this DeLorean model.   PS: I apologize if anyone gets a message trying to edit the posts or trying to reply. I moved the topics, but changed my mind and moved them back.
  8. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    You're welcome here, but the help you offer is not needed. Thank you, anyway. Sorry you feel that way. Continue your work as you wish and promote it, but please don't consider our negative as an attack to you or your skills.
  9. What happened to BTTF3 DeLoreans Suspension?

    The suspension in the BTTF3 DeLorean is a little higher, specially in the front, but the back is pretty much the same height. It's still a DeLorean, after all. What do you thing it's missing?, the rear is the same as the BTTF2 ones.
  10. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Thanks, Mike. By the way, Blue_Flash: not angry at all. My italics are to show emphasis on the words. I think we're having a nice discussion. I'm trying to come out as clear as I can with analogies and asking rethorical questions for you to ponder and tell us your point of view. I don't want to be condescending and I'm sorry if it seems that way. I'm being as sincere as I can be. Please continue modding, but the mod team needs something different.
  11. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Take this into account: You won't get in the team by just a one-time, two-time or even three-time contribution. You will be credited for your work, but the mod team is making custom stuff all the time. I'm sorry to anyone who thinks this looks like I'm moving the goal posts, please tell me if it does as it is not my intention, but I think we need more than conversions (that, sorry again to say, might need pruning to reduce detail and mantain stability and usability).
  12. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Those are some of the minimum needs for the stock DeLorean, and the time machine variations are much more time-consuming and research-needy. As I see, you just took one of the points I made in my previous post and only made your "challenge" in response to it. Does this "challenge" also cover how the model will look in contrast with everything else or how it will satisfy the lack of plot-relevant vehicles not made by our team? I'd say that you should not bother, but it's your call. I'm not very sure we'll use it unless we decide it fits with everything else. Take as much time as you want, or none, because we're not challenging you, but show us yo' moves, if that's what you want. As a recommendation, you'd better start with something different than the DeLorean, to show us what you can do. Better try the AMC Eagle or any Studebaker prior to 1955.  
  13. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    What about a DeLorean time machine?, can you get it from Forza, TDU or GT6 too? What about the AMC Eagle?, any Studebaker?, the Alco locomotive that destroyed the DeLorean in Part III? Also, does it fit to our needs?, because it needs to be gray interior, black lettering on the rear bumper and sills, no DMC logo in the headrests, GoodYear Eagle GT tires, no visible exhaust tails... and it needs the time machine variations, even the ones that are part of the "BTTF" universe and were not shown in the real movie prop cars (like a completelly new chassis for the post-hover-conversion-installation time machine)... So, real-life accurate?, yes; BTTF-accurate or at least useful?, no. And then, imagine having TellTale Games' Clocktower combined with our Courhouse Square, or Forza's stock DeLorean with TellTale Games' DeLorean Time Machine. What happens then?, they don't look right together, they won't fit together in the same medium, no matter how much you stretch your supension of disbelief. What about modifications to them? any would look patched (at least, that's how I now see the DeLoreans prior to 0.2F) with the rest of the model and out of place with its environment. Even though it's posible, it's not preferred. Again, it doesn't have to be 110% accurate to real life, but it has to fit our and the plot's needs. An example: our 0.2F DeLorean time machines models do not have the neon tubes behind the flux dispersal coils or the fire extinguisher nozzles inside the cooling vents; why?, because those were for the obvious practical effect of glowing and steam, respectively. Should we add the letter "A" (the movie prop identification) marked on the driver's side door or the box that has the dial for the film crew to switch the neon tubes on too? after all, it's real-life accurate and they even show up in the movie, even though it breaks the illusion. It's great that you're converting these great-looking cars, and I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy them, but they're not that useful for the mod and, unfortunally, there are no current models out there that are.
  14. Error light bug

    Is you language set to English?
  15. Luxor Taxi hover

    We're going to release a model update for the taxi and the DeLoreans.
  16. After update, open /data/handling.cfg in a text editor and change the line that starts with COASTMAV with the following line:   COASTMAV    1200.0    1.80    4.30    1.35    0.00    0.00    0.00    70    0.85    0.50    0.47    3    200.00    10.00    F    P    4.50    0.65    0    45.00    1.40    0.20    0.37    0.72    95000    0.30    -0.10    0.60    0.20    8528083    1    0
  17. "My other self?"

    At least, not for VC mods or current free-roam game engines, as fas as I know. You need a lot of memory for that, which is not practical.
  18. Yes. Some models were not included in the release. The hook being one of them. We're working on it for R2.
  19. This is something we have discussed since the days Del88us was showing screenshots on the forums at BTTF.com. 88 MPH is the iconic speed and going past that speed removes the "magic" of the number. Also, mantaining the speed for a certain amount of time sets a problem for both lightning strikes.
  20. time destinations?

    KITT is not available in 0.2F. HIll Valley is available at any time. Look for the path behind the military base. At the moment, only the clocktower changes depending on the year.
  21. Failure of game Unhandled Exception

    El instalador necesita que le señales el directorio original de Vice City, sin modificaciones, del cual duplicará los archivos necesarios para crear una copia de la instalación con el mod incluido. Al final, tendrás tu directorio original de Vice City sin cambios y una copia con el mod. --- The installer needs you to locate the original, unchanged, Vice City directory, from which it will duplicate the necessary files to create a copy of the installation with the mod included. At the end, you will have your original Vice City directory and a copy with the mod.
  22. Failure of game Unhandled Exception

    ¿Instalaste 0.2F sobre 0.2E o una instalación stock de Vice City? Debes de instalarla sobre una copia nueva de Vice City. --- Did you install 0.2F over 0.2E or on a stock install of Vice City? You must install on a new copy of Vice City.
  23. Unfortunally, we needed the coding space for other features, as the SCM still has limited space for free-roam stuff, so it had to go.
  24. Failure of game Unhandled Exception

    ¿Has tratado de instalar el mod con la versión manual?, ¿instalaste el mod a una copia limpia de Vice City?, ¿estás iniciando un juego nuevo o estás tratando de cargar un juego guardado anteriormente? Puedes contestar en español, pero deja una copia del mensaje en inglés, para la cortesía de los demás. -- Have you tried installing the manual version of the mod?, have you tried installing over a clean copy of Vice City?, are you trying to start a new game or are you trying to load a previously saved game? You can reply in spanish, but include a copy in english, for everyone else's courtesy.