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  1. Lamborghini Time Machine

    Is that a Lamborghini Aventador?
  2. No, what I meant was did you pull the release date forward? Course I want it released Early!
  3. But on Moddb, is says November 12th.
  4. Mikes Mod Blog - Kinda...

    Sorry to bump this, but the first post is out of date
  5. [0.2f] SCM Editing

    when I try to edit it it crashed
  6. [0.2f] SCM Editing

    So you edit the txt file in Sanny builder.
  7. [0.2f] SCM Editing

    so sanny builder is not needed?
  8. [0.2f] SCM Editing

    so how would you do it for 0.2f
  9. 0.2f startup crash

    every time I start 0.2f it keeps on crashing
  10. Where is 0.2f?

    T Minus 16 Minutes 
  11. So when will the mod be released

    So in the UK, it will be released at 12:29 AM on Thursday, October 22 2015
  12. Mikes Mod Blog - Kinda...

    Happy 2014 all.
  13. Mikes Mod Blog - Kinda...

    is any one going to update the progress?
  14. Mikes Mod Blog - Kinda...

    The Year is always saying "2013" Does it mean 0.2f will be released in that year?
  15. Mikes Mod Blog - Kinda...

    The Hill Valley town square estimated compleation still says Jamuary 2013 and it is already March 2013.