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  1. Flux's hammer modeling

    Hammer is not a modelling tool, it does not use polygons, it uses brushes.
  2. I got the hat

    It's the Diamond Select series of hats. http://www.bttf.net/Back_to_the_Future_2015_Cap_p/21008.htm
  3. Making You Happy

    All to an agreement? Good. .
  4. Making You Happy

    I'll leave my PC on so you can try it out, Mike will be on soon to restart, the IP for just testing out is: Cheers.
  5. Making You Happy

    Well, this one is a: RPG server. The files have been uploaded to the server, and will wait for Mike to restart the .exe. ELBdelorean suggested it. Thanks.
  6. Making You Happy

    Well, I don't have the time to mod GTA anymore, because I have to focus on my schoolwork, I've already had a bollocking off several teachers due to my work lacking. If you pick a GM that you like that can be downloadable, then I will test it out on a private server, suggest gamemodes, and I'll decide.
  7. Right, choose what gamemode you want for the only GM for the official SA-MP BTTF: HV server; note after this poll it will not be changed. Once I get the servers sorted, I will move onto releasing a new MP installation.
  8. IP??

    It is available for download, but it seems that the new clients of SA-MP has mucked it up. So we'll fix bugs.
  9. Troubleshooting

    I guess I'll fix it later then, can't at the moment.
  10. Troubleshooting

    This should be fixed, please reply here if you still encounter the error.
  11. RC Mode

    That seemed to have worked , cheers.
  12. RC Mode

    Hey people, I was wondering; and it's probably a noob question but uuh, how do I activate RC Mode on the mod? It says in the readme: RC Mode -action and sprint to activate -camera button to change view -don't kill yourself But what is action and sprint? Cheers.