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  1. Just stopping by. Looking back at the history.

    Can't believe it's been almost six years since 0.2e. I still remember competing for high scores on the old forum's arcade.
  2. Please tell me this is fake....

    No, guys. It's obviously a real time machine.
  3. Great Scott!

    That's so cool! I took the same picture with the Doc actor by the DeLorean. I had one of the T-shirts that they sold when the ride was still in existence. The actor guy didn't seem to know many lines from the movie, though... In all honestly, the BTTF ride was amazing, but the Simpsons ride is really good.
  4. BTTF Halloween Customes?

    Yeah, those costumes aren't very accurate. You can make a better one by just buying the clothes yourself.
  5. How was Vidcon?

  6. The only way is to tow it in hover mode and have the passenger vent boost when it hits 88.
  7. Is there any way to make it so you don't need a driver in the DeLorean for it to time travel?
  8. I'm going to be hopping on Windows for a while to get on this. Anyone up for a game?