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  1. Happy Birthday Ashley+

  2. happy birthday ash :(

  3. happy birthday.

  4. GTA under Linux

    no... i prefer 7 you never asked if i like it , i use it because it's cool looking , i'd be happy without a pc i really don't care , caz i'm not n3rdy like some of u
  5. GTA under Linux

    works fine on ubuntu for me
  6. Better Hill Valley

    pictures /videos plzz
  7. i wanna know how much gas was in the car, cause even ripping the fuel line doesnt mean its all gone, there is a tank u know
  8. that actually sounds like a good theory
  9. you do realise trash has always been around, meat,vegetables,etc
  10. Angelo's CLEO Mods

    well i'm used to the stretched delorean
  11. oh come on grim just cause you give someone with limited experience on making games a bunch of money doesn't mean its gonna be great