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  1. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    The conversion of models is progressing for GTA SA (I say progressing, they are done, pending final carcol, vehicle.ide and handing.dat values). We currently need to adjust the placement of various visual effects to suit the new models. A question for the community, would you like to wait for the visual effects to be updated, or would you like the models now? With an update to correct the effects placement following at a later date?
  2. The interview with the mod team was recorded yesterday. I am currently in the process of editing this, after which we will make it available for download. This proved to be quite fun to do and was for many of us the first time we have actually spoken to each other, so that was interesting. Sadly, Mini-Me, Backintime, Bluespace88, and Archer were unable to make the call, however if time permits we will try to record their responses and edit them into the interview. Expect it out within the next 3-4 weeks.
  3. Environment mod

    Nice work
  4. Version 0.2f Update 01


    The first update to 0.2f.  Simply install over the top of your existing installation of BTTF HV version 0.2f. The update addresses the following issues: -Reinstates the start line for the lightning strike run on Nov 12th 1955 -Reinstates the correct model when time travelling via the clock tower lightning strike -Fixes the crash caused when pushing the railroad DeLorean up to 88 mph with the Rogers 131 locomotive -Fixes the wormhole sound effect bug - Fixes traffic missing after a short time - Fixes spawning issues with Doc's truck and wrecks of it generating at Sunshine Autos - Fixes lights on Doc's truck (submission) causing a crash - Fixes the Jules Verne Timetrain dropping through the roof of Vercetti's Mansion - Fixes crash when timetravelling with the BTTF3 DeLorean using the remote control - Added (WIP) hover conversion animation for 2015 Luxor Cab Company Citroën DS Taxi - Added an ini-file to change keybindings (see bttf-hv.ini) - Added opcode definition for memory manipulation script in game script source to fix crashes when compiling custom changes - Remapped hover conversion keybind on 2015 Police car to use the global hover conversion button Also included are all of the source code files for the mod
  5. Back to the Future 0.2f lags

    Not a bug, your PC lacks the requirements to play version 0.2f of BTTF HV.
  6. irrKlang.dll

    It sounds like you don't have the mod installed correctly. 
  7. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    ^^ and people wonder why we lose interest in working on the mod when people take our work, convert it and release it without permission...
  8. http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5766-02f-models-for-gta-sa/
  9. Is there any kind of map mod for BTTF:SA

    Aeroplane sound? its actually an old Hanna Barbera sound effect. Think the Jetsons: http://youtu.be/J1bK1cVxkFs
  10. Is there any kind of map mod for BTTF:SA

    We're working on it 
  11. Hill Valley Milestone

    You know there is a reason we ditched those models and started from scratch right? They were junk. 
  12. 0.2F - What happened to the ingame guide

    The tutorial and ride missions were removed.    But it watch this space, we are looking to add them back in a future update 
  13. Weapon Bug

    The lybians ak-47 also uses that particle.   
  14. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    I agree Carlos, and in all likelihood there is no permission for the conversions, so we couldn't use them anyway.   Regardless, I won't consider anyone else's Delorean models. Yours look awesome.  Plus is flash checks the image gallery he will see it's already in GTA IV and looks superb. 
  15. It seems to be a random glitch.    I get it sometimes.    If I drive to HV and then TT to 18:59 and wait around for a minute, when the night models load for the first time at 19:00 they load OK. 
  16. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Nothing is wrong with the ones we have now. Carlos' 0.2f DeLorean models are the most accurate you will find, anywhere. Period.  I can only assume mr blue flash hasn't played 0.2f so hasn't seen them? http://youtu.be/_pImJM9bM7Y
  17. DeLorean Test Drive

  18. Delorean is Back

  19. Interface

    What language are you using in the game?
  20. Quick fixes for some issues

    That's brilliant.  This is the way it should be, any fixes that are posted should include the source files
  21. And what does the included readme say you need to do? 
  22. Feel free to post it back up. You weren't claiming it as your own. Simply offering a fix.    Plus the code is effectively open source now. That's why we included the source code so folks can tweak and edit the mod to suit their needs.  Of course if they release our code for a different mod then of course they should at least credit the original creators. 
  23. That was something delorean88us decided to code in. We can see about removing it, personally I kinda liked having the boost show whenever you use it.
  24. 0.2F time circuits in 0.2E R2?

    The proper mall is coming, check the blog.
  25. 0.2f controlling

    Please search before posting to see if your question has already been answered: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5720-rc-mode/