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  2. Need help (Plz read)

    Somone Plz answer :-(
  3. BTTF Hill Valley - Version 0.2f R1

    I hope they add it in again
  4. Need help (Plz read)

    I was playing on bttf hill valley version 3.5 (the one with the fully modeled hill valley, mall, drive in, everything) I had replicated the first time travel scene from bttf 3. I want to Sept. 02 (accidentally 3rd ) 1885 at 8:00 am. at 08:02 am at the clock tower, a delorean had came out of nowhere near the lightning wire only to find out, it was doc! I tried again recording hopefully about to catch the anomaly in time but caught nothing . Plz tell how to trigger this again.                                                                                                                                                                                     ~your partner in time, nitrogendelorean397
  5. Can you update the mod in 0.2f v2 version because to update like Mission, BTTF The Ride, DMC 13 Time Machine, Kitt and Karr, DMC 12 Time Machine with Teleport mode like same car from BTTF 2 delorean, Gold Delorean, Black Delorean, Red Delorean, Blue Delorean, Blue DMC 12 Time Machine with Teleport Please update in 0.2f.  
  6. Need help!!

    Hello, i´m new here, i created a account because i have a problem with the BTTF SA Mod   I install the game (100% Clean), i install the mod and when i open the game, it crash.   Error message:   GTA:SA Crashed, Debug Info Follows: GTA Info: Version: US 1.0 Last File Loaded: Last Library Loaded: Error: Unknown Assembly Info: Exception At Address: 0x00000000 Exception Code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)   I´ve got the problem, i solved them (Hidden files of other GTA SA, i deleted.), but now i haven´t got any hidden file, but the game crashes. This thing happen when i use the BTTF Mod (i´m trying to install the Uokka Moddified BTTF)   Sorry for bad english, i´m Argentinian.  
  7. Update on the Mod Team Interview

    Please someone help me install version 0.2f of the mod and the game is crashing on the new game screen help me please
  8. Earlier
  9. Courthouse & Twin Pines Updates

    Wheen will you relese the map ? Sorry for english i am italian
  10. The tutorial mission and 'The Ride' mission have been removed in 0.2f.
  11. uokka's modified "BttF SA Mod"

    I've fixed the Dropbox link and screwed up the formatting. Man, this forum software got super demanding and refuses to do what I tell it to. O.o Anyway, have fun! (;
  12. I recently installed  BTTF - Hill Valley Version 0.2f and am having issues, the missions don't seem to be coming up. In 0.2e when you first get into the Delorean it starts your first mission by having you go to Sunshine Auto and it shows up on the map where to go. I'm not getting none of that. I just continuously ride around in the car, nothing seems to happen. The car isn't even marked on the map. I've even tried the update and nothing. I was wondering if anyone else had this problems and if you'd know how to solve it?
  13. i need to take a look at this but thats pretty cool of a find
  14. Mobile BTTF:HV

    Hey Neomatrix could you please send me that pretty please Neomatrix
  15. Radio station song requests

    Hey could you please put closer by The Chainsmokers pretty please
  16. Hook & Doc's van

    Ever time I use Doc's van to open the back doors or put the hook on the DeLorean, it always crashes.   Ideas to fix?
  17. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but I am just watching the third film, and I am on the scene were Doc is explaining his plan to Marty about pushing the DeLorean with the locomotive. Clara can be seen in the film before Marty and Doc save her. She is spotted staring at the clock that's just been carried of the train. The camera will point to her when Marty says "Right, Doc, but according to this map, there is no bridge." Easter Egg perhaps?
  18. Mobile BTTF:HV

    Please send me for android thank you >>> E-Mail: ferenc88453@gmail.com
  19. BTTF mod not work :(

    try going to properties and then compatibility mode and attempt using XP or vista, also run as administrator! Hope this helps!
  20. Need some GTA 4 mods

    For gta 4 you can lookup The ultimate back to the future mod 1.0. It comes with an easy auto installer so just select where you're main copy of the game is and hit start from there once your in game use the console command key (different for everyone but usually bellow escape) the type "spawn bttf2" or whichever DeLorean you want bearing in mind that the number corresponds with the movie time machine. From there use num pad + to activate time circuits, num pad - to refill mr fusion or the plutonium respectively, get that baby to 88 miles per hour and see some serious crap! Also for bttf2 use F7 to fly and F8 to land. Happy time traveling, let me know if you need help getting it running.
  21. could you possibly release these models soon? They're looking absolutely fantastic! Glad to see everyone is still going at it. You all of truly moved mountains.

  22. BTTF 3 - Drive-Thru Scene

    all manuals can start in second gear, if you get the rpm's over 2000 you can take off in second, if you get the rpms over 3500 you can take off in third
  23. As we all know, the DeLorean in the film is a manual shift car. So now, I am watching the start of the third film, onto the part were Doc helps Marty to go to 1885, when Marty backs up to time-jump, a few seconds later the camera points to the gear stick with Marty changing it. But he changes to 2nd gear. I'm pretty certain that moving off in manual you have to start off in first. Or unless it's different in American manuals?   Thoughts?
  24. Anyone reading the IDW BttF Comics?

    Like them all so far there's now a new one called Biff to the Future where you follow the timeline of Hell Valley's Biff before Marty fixed the timeline.
  25. Is GTA SA: Knight Rider.. dead?

    Its been quiet on this forum for sometime lol.  
  26. Is GTA SA: Knight Rider.. dead?

    I was wondering too, didn't hear that much in the last few years. I mean sure, everyone has a social life as well, but at least that should be no reason for leaving us in the dark about it
  27. past or future interactions

    this has been asked 100000000000000000000000000000000 times its possible   it wont happen for a LONG TIME   thanks   LOCKED
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