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  3. BTTF 3 - Drive-Thru Scene

    all manuals can start in second gear, if you get the rpm's over 2000 you can take off in second, if you get the rpms over 3500 you can take off in third
  4. As we all know, the DeLorean in the film is a manual shift car. So now, I am watching the start of the third film, onto the part were Doc helps Marty to go to 1885, when Marty backs up to time-jump, a few seconds later the camera points to the gear stick with Marty changing it. But he changes to 2nd gear. I'm pretty certain that moving off in manual you have to start off in first. Or unless it's different in American manuals?   Thoughts?
  5. Anyone reading the IDW BttF Comics?

    Like them all so far there's now a new one called Biff to the Future where you follow the timeline of Hell Valley's Biff before Marty fixed the timeline.
  6. Is GTA SA: Knight Rider.. dead?

    Its been quiet on this forum for sometime lol.  
  7. Is GTA SA: Knight Rider.. dead?

    I was wondering too, didn't hear that much in the last few years. I mean sure, everyone has a social life as well, but at least that should be no reason for leaving us in the dark about it
  8. past or future interactions

    this has been asked 100000000000000000000000000000000 times its possible   it wont happen for a LONG TIME   thanks   LOCKED
  9. BTTF KR Mod by Programist

    press buttons and hope for the best
  10. past or future interactions

    say for a future update can there be a possibility for when we time travel we see our past self do the actions we just did so or repeating on what we saw our future self do
  11. Movie car that should be in new version!

    Hey could somebody please make this star car a mod for gta sa pc pretty please 
  12. Fixed. Just needed a fresh installation
  13. When I start it goes to loading just fine until loading collision, is it? Then it freezes and when I alt tab out it says 'unhandled exception (numbers and letters)' I installed 0.2f over the steam version that had 0.2e on it, but don't go into serious detail to help me as I am currently reinstalling vc on steam to see if it will work then.
    Everything before this was awesome. I loaded up the game and it gets to loading collision? then freezes. I know this mod is great, but for now I have to stick with outdated 0.2e
  14. You are the reason readme's were made
  15. Which is standing right on the download page
  16. BTTF-HV.exe

    That's because bttf-LC code is in the exe hv code is in the scm
  17. BTTF-HV.exe

    In a Back to the Future: Liberty City, There are executable [BTTF-LC.exe] instead gta3.exe In BTTF HV then use gta-vc.exe if a Upcoming to the new executable to next version [BTTF-HV.exe] Not gta-vc.exe  there
  18. Custom 0.2f Main.scm

    Use Sanny Builder to Coding mission and coding cars PLEASE NOTE: Sanny Builder use the CLEO VC v.
  19. Okey I'am new member for the BTTF-HV Look but i start the mission for Doc and complete the mission to the Vice City but i have the Sanny Builder 3 v.3.2.2 and i don't know to coding of mission for Doc i have CLEO but can't put intro the game because game will crash because using VC Limit Adjuster 
  20. Movie-Accurate-Ish BTTF3 Delorean Startup Sound

    It probably won't be revived, unless anyone else on the site can provide a download. For some reason, BTTFModMachine vanished from the face of the Earth in late 2015, taking his YouTube channel and mods with him.
  21. Movie-Accurate-Ish BTTF3 Delorean Startup Sound

    Sorry for the really bad bump. but could you revive the link?
  22. Time circuits will not turn on

    Press Tab behind the plutonium chamber.
  23. Ok. That's done. Now how on earth do I get the Plutonium into the DeLorean?
  24. Time circuits will not turn on

    You need to drive the DeLorean to Sunshine Autos, drive it into the garage to convert it to the BTTF1 DeLorean, and go to the junkyard to grab plutonium for it.
  25. Mobile BTTF:HV

    Hi, I'm a new member on this site and I have seen your idea to make a "BTTF Hill Valley" mod for Android. Could you please, other members, tell me where I can found the download link when you will have finished. Thanks, YohTan57
  26. Several issues

    Fixed your comment for continuity errors you are welcome
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