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BTTF Hill Valley - The Standalone Game

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standalone Update 1

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Alright, so here's what we have... 


A car! how exciting! No... This is actually decent progress... Really...

I started this project like 4 days ago, What do you expect...

If you are wondering what all the GUI stuff on the screen is. That's just because I dropped the car into a project that the engine already has, The player model is also static and is just for looks right now. But the notable things in this picture is we have a working, moving car, I wrote a script to close doors, still need to flip all the code for the opening, flip both for the passenger side and then i'll probably make some visual effects on keypress, like the high/lowbeams, brake lights, flashers etc.


Stay tuned and remember I wont be able to update this every day I have 2 jobs and I don't like BTTF nearly as much as I used to when I started LC.

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